Discontinuing study

Discontinuing study

Students planning to suspend their studies for a session, a year or longer will need to withdraw from all units via eStudent.

Other than withdrawing from all units prior to the relevant census dates, you are not required to notify the University. Withdrawing after the census date may incur an academic penalty and/or financial liability. For a full list of Macquarie census dates, visit important academic dates.

Application to resume studies

The appropriate procedure to resume your studies will depend on your circumstances and when you anticipate resuming.

Students with enrolled and graded units

If have enrolled and graded units including a 'W' status (withdrawal without academic penalty) on your academic record, read the points below to determine the procedure to resume your studies:

  • If you have only taken one session off, you can simply enrol in units for the next session.

  • If you have taken two or more consecutive sessions off, you will be 'not continued' from your course and must lodge an application to resume it.

Note: Previous Macquarie students applying for readmission must follow the curriculum and rules of the year in which they return to study. For example, if you take time off and return to your course in Session 1 2017, you will be placed in the current curriculum for that year - not the year you were first admitted to your course.

Formal withdrawal from all units in first year of study

If you have no recorded results in your course at Macquarie because you withdrew from all your units before the relevant census date, you will be regarded as not having been 'effectively enrolled'. To return to study you will need to submit a new application through UAC.

You may choose to defer your position if you are eligible.

International full-fee paying students

If you are a full-fee paying international student, you must contact the International Office for advice on returning to your course.

T: +61 2 9850 6320

E: iso@mq.edu.au

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