Enrolment support

The following information is for Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) and Master of Research (MRes) Year 1 students only.

MRes Y2, MPhil and PhD students will be enrolled in their research unit by the Graduate Research Academy.

Session 2 2024 classes commence Monday 22 July. Please refer to the calendar of dates for more important dates throughout your program.

Once the Graduate Research Academy admits you to your course, there are 3 mandatory tasks that you will need to complete in eStudent prior to enrolling. Haven’t used eStudent much before and need help logging in? Watch this tutorial.

The first two mandatory tasks are:

  • Accept the Macquarie University Terms and Conditions
  • Update your Next of Kin Contact Details.

This tutorial will guide you through the above tasks.

The third task is to:

  • Obtain your Unique Student Identifier (USI). The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number issued by the Australian Government. You can request or recover your Unique Student Identifier via this website: https://www.usi.gov.au/. Once you have done so, you must complete the USI collection form in eStudent. Need some more guidance? Go to the MQ USI webpage.

Before enrolling into your units, please do the following:

  • Read the information on unit information and enrolment patterns below, and view the available units in Macquarie’s Course Handbook (search for Bachelor of Philosophy and select your faculty).
  • Complete a HDR Unit Selection for BPhil / MRes Form via your eStudent to plan your unit selections, in consultation with your MRes Advisor/Director. The Advisor/Director must approve your unit selection and you should only enrol into approved units to ensure your units form a coherent study plan.

To submit a HDR Unit Selection for BPhil/MRes form:

  • Log in to eStudent
  • Click in the Forms tile
  • Search for the ‘HDR Unit Selection for BPhil/MRes’
  • Complete the form

Note: Students from the Faculty of Medicine, Health, and Human Sciences must have their USF approved by their Faculty MRes Director. Students from all other Faculties should seek approval of their discipline’s MRes Advisor only.

Enrolling into your units:

Once your HDR Unit Selection for BPhil/ MRes Form has been approved by your MRes Advisor/MRes Director, you will receive an email notification confirming that your request has been approved. You will then need to proceed to enrol into your units via eStudent.

There are a series of tutorials available in eStudent to help guide you on managing your study planenrollingcreating your timetable and withdrawing from your units.

If you are having technical problems enrolling in your units, contact the Graduate Research Candidate Support Team at gr.candidatesupport@mq.edu.au.

If you wish to make any changes to your units or advanced topics selection, it must be within the first 2 weeks of the session, and you must ensure your units are approved by your MRes Advisor/Director before making any changes to enrolment in eStudent.

If you wish to withdraw from units, please refer to the Changes to Candidature webpage (refer to the Changing unit selection tab) for more information on important deadlines, as financial and academic penalties can apply.

If the change involves more than one discipline/faculty, you will be required to consult with and arrange a signature of approval from both departmental MRes Advisors.

Unit information and enrolment patterns

Learn about unit options and credit point requirements for the Master of Research (MRes) in your faculty, department or discipline.

The first year of the two-year MRes is made up of coursework units. For domestic students, this is completed via the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil), however the structure for the BPhil and the first year of the MRes is the same.

Compulsory units

All BPhil/MRes Year 1 students must complete 8 units (80 credit points) to finish the first year of the MRes. These will include:

A standard full time study load will be 40 credit points per semester.

Further details can be found in the Macquarie University Handbook.

Enrolment patterns by faculty

Your enrolment pattern will vary according to your faculty and your discipline.

Read the information below, and consult with the MRes advisor for your discipline, before completing your unit selection form.

Full year unit (20cp):

  • FOAR7002 – Research Frontiers

Session 1 units (10cp each):

  • FOAR7000 – Research Paradigms
  • ONE core discipline unit from the following list:
    • AHIS7000 – Advanced Studies in Ancient History
    • ANTH7000 – Core Issues in Anthropological Theory I
    • EDUC7000 – Foundations in Educational Research
    • ENGL7001 – Textual Analysis, Literary Theory and Creative Practice Research
    • GEOP7000 – Dialogues in Geography and Planning
    • INTS7000 – Critique in Language, Literature and Culture Studies
    • MHIS7000 – Introduction to Modern Historiography
    • MMCC7000 – Media and Social Media
    • PHIL7000 – Research Topics in Philosophy I
    • POIR7001 – Key Questions in International Relations
    • SOCI7000 – Critical Social Theory
  • ONE of the following faculty-specific units:
    • FOAR7005 – Living in the Anthropocene
    • FOAR7006 – Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Problem of Identity
    • FOAR7007 – Neoliberalism and its Discontents
    • FOAR7008 – Globalising Cultures
    • FOAR7010 – Evolution of Education

Session 2 units (10cp each):

  • FOAR7001 – Research Communications
  • ONE core discipline unit from the following list:
    • AHIS7001 – Advanced Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology: Material Worlds
    • ANTH7001 – Core Issues in Anthropological Theory II
    • EDUC7001 – Introduction to Systematic Reviews in Education
    • ENGL7000 – Research in Literary Studies and Creative Writing
    • GEOP7001 – Approaches in Geography and Planning
    • INDG7001 – Research Ethics in Indigenous Australian Contexts
    • INTS7001 – Special Topics in International Studies: Languages and Cultures
    • MHIS7001 – Archives: Sources and Silences
    • MMCC7001 – Studies in Network Culture
    • PHIL7001 – Research Topics in Philosophy II
    • POIR7000 – Key Questions in Political Science and Public Policy
    • SOCI7001 – Readings in Social Research
  • Professional skill development:
    • FOAR7004 – Arts Internship for Researchers
    Note: Part time students must ensure that they complete FOAR7001 – Research Communications in the session directly before they progress to MRes Year 2.

Download FSE MRes program information for the following disciplines:

Important changes for domestic students

There have been important legislative changes in the last couple of years that may impact both your enrolment and your fees. Please make sure you understand these changes. You can find more information about this on the Macquarie University website.