Understanding the SC Grade

If you didn't meet the requirements for a unit, you may have been eligible for the Special Circumstance Grade (SC Grade).

eCOVID-19 - Special Circumstance Grade (SC Grade)

We know COVID-19 and the associated changes in learning and living hit some of you hard, so the Special Circumstance Grade was applied to selected study periods in 2020. The applicable study periods are listed below.

The SC grade replaced the fail grade on your transcript for any units you failed. This does not include fail grades applied by either a University or Faculty Disciplinary Committee.

If you didn't pass a unit:

  • your results notification email displayed an SC grade for that unit, and the mark you achieved
  • your official transcript displayed the SC grade (no mark)
  • If you had an SC grade, the corresponding mark will not be included in your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation ie if you fail one of four units the WAM calculator will only use the marks of the three units you passed.

You can find more information about the Special Circumstance grade in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

SC grade applicability

The SC grade was only applicable for the following 2020 study periods:

  • AFC September
  • AFC Term 2
  • AFC Term 3
  • AFC Term 4
  • Exchange Semester 1
  • Exchange Semester 2
  • Full Year 2 (2019)
  • Full Year 2 (2020)
  • Global MBA Online 3
  • Global MBA Online 4
  • Global MBA Online 5
  • Medicine B
  • Medicine C
  • Medicine D
  • MGSM Term 2
  • MGSM Term 3
  • MGSM Term 4
  • MUIC Term 2
  • MUIC Term 3
  • MUIC Term 4
  • OUA Session 1
  • OUA Session 2
  • Session 1
  • Winter Vacation
  • Session 2
  • Short-Term Exchange July
Why have I got an SC grade and what does it mean?

A Special Circumstance or SC grade is awarded to students that do not meet the assessment requirements of a unit. It is only applicable to specific study periods mentioned above.

If you don’t pass a unit:

  • your results notification email will display an SC grade for that unit, and the mark you achieved.
  • the corresponding mark will not be included in your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation
  • your official transcript will just display just the SC grade, however no mark will be displayed.
What can I tell prospective employers?

Due to the unique situation and impacts caused by COVID-19, the University decided that a Fail grade was not appropriate.

What’s the difference between a W grade and an SC grade?

Students that submit a Withdraw without Academic and/or Financial Penalty may not face a Financial Penalty.

However, students awarded an SC grade will still be required to pay for their unit.

Do I still have to pay for any unit I receive and SC grade for?


Can I appeal an SC grade?

Yes. Refer to the grade appeals page for more information.

Do I need to redo a unit if I’ve received an SC grade?

An SC grade means that you have not successfully completed the requirements of the unit.

You will still need to complete the unit if it is a requirement for your degree.

If the unit is an elective, you may choose to:

  • Re-enrol into it at a later date, or
  • Select a different elective unit.
Does an SC grade count for credit towards my degree?

No, as an SC grade indicates that the unit requirements have not been met, it will not count for credit towards your degree.

If I pass but with a 51 or 52 (or similarly low mark) can I elect to get a SC grade instead?

No, if you are awarded a Pass grade, you are not able to elect to receive an SC grade.

How does an SC grade affect my academic standing/progression?

In these challenging times, we have relaxed the rules around Academic Progression.

If you do not pass 51 per cent of the load you attempted, in the study periods mentioned above, you WILL NOT be subject to the Academic Progression process.

Therefore, an SC grade has no negative impact on your academic standing.

If I receive an SC grade for an elective, do I have to repeat the same elective?

As the unit is an elective, you can choose whether to repeat the unit or not.

You should note that some degrees have requirements regarding the number and type of electives you can select.

If you started your degree in 2020 refer to the Course Handbook, however, if you started prior to 2020 you should refer to your Study Plan.

Do I have to pay to reattempt a unit I received an SC grade for?

Yes, you will be required to pay for reattempting any units that you receive an SC grade for.

CRICOS Provider No 00002J

  1. From 2020 “Standardised Numerical Grade” replaced by “Mark”
  2. From 2011 Grade PC is no longer awarded

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