Make convenient payments via OneStopSecure

Our current online payment gateway is enabled to accept credit card payments(Visa/Master Card (currently accepted), Western Union (very soon for International) through PCIDSS secured payment compliant technology.


MQ ePayments is Macquarie University’s centrally supported system for taking credit card payments online through OneStopSecure. The system features online form and event booking, facilitating the capture of details before directing the user to a secure online payment page.


On identification of a new stream of revenue activities, the Revenue Services team will approach the business owner for an introductory session followed by onboarding. Our team will also conduct workshops for developing the form, finalisation and support.

Key features

Eligible payments include:

  • Services, products or memberships
  • Events, conferences, field trips and courses
  • Sundry debtor payments
  • Reimbursements (such as General Payments/Corporate Credit Card repayments)

Online payment gateway

Follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Payment portal.
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. Pay your invoice/transaction.

Users receive tax invoice/receipts after making a payment. A report of successful payments is regularly delivered to the business owner.

Make a payment

  • Access MQ ePayments via
  • Pay online.
  • Pay with Visa, Master Card (currently supported, subject to review).
  • Pay through Western Union (currently under development).


  • Refund requests are approved by owners of payment forms.
  • Partial or full refund is made online. Processing time usually takes two to four business days.

For more information regarding the Online Payment Gateway, contact Revenue Services via OneHelp.