The exchange process

STEP 1: Before you apply

STEP 2: Application process

  • Apply to Macquarie Abroad for a Semester Exchange or Short-Term program

Macquarie Abroad assesses applications for exchange programs on a rolling basis. You should allow at least one month from the date of your application to receive an outcome from Macquarie Abroad.

STEP 3: Acceptance

There are two steps to being fully accepted into the exchange program at Macquarie:

  1. You must be offered a place in the exchange program by Macquarie University which includes a nomination to a partner university, and
  2. You must be accepted by the host university, which may involve going through an application process with them.

1. After you receive your offer of a place from Macquarie, you will need to:

  • complete and sign the Acceptance of Offer and relevant program documents within one week - once your acceptance is processed, we will enrol you in an iLearn unit with further information about your exchange program
  • read through the information in your iLearn unit which you will find in the Community Units section
  • attend a welcome session which will overview the entire process of going abroad - this session occurs in Week 4 of the semester before your exchange period (further details will be advised through your iLearn unit)

2. Once you have accepted your offer from Macquarie, you will also need to:

  • as applicable, complete the host university's application form and send it to them along with any necessary documentation (eg, passport photos, accommodation application, proof of funds, etc.) - you will be advised if such an application is required at the appropriate time and provided with the relevant forms and procedures
  • receive a formal confirmation of acceptance from the host university

Once you are accepted by both Macquarie and the host university, you will be considered fully accepted to the exchange program.

STEP 4: Academic program approval

Before you can go on exchange, you must have an academic study plan approved. This involves seeking approval for units at your host university against equivalent Macquarie units which can be used to meet your Macquarie degree program requirements.

Short-term exchange programs

For short-term programs, unit mappings have been pre-approved. You will need to review the pre-approved unit options and ensure that the pre-approved Macquarie credit can be used towards your degree program.

Semester exchange programs

For semester-long programs, you will need to apply individually for credit approvals. To do this, you will need to:

  • review your degree program to understand your remaining requirements - as needed, seek program advice from your Faculty to confirm what units you still need to complete
  • search for equivalent units offered at your host university during your exchange period that may count towards your remaining degree requirements
  • check the Credit Transfer Register for any existing mappings to specific Macquarie units
  • submit requests for approval of your identified unit mappings using the online form (details on how to do this, along with application dates, will be provided in your exchange iLearn unit)
  • ensure you have sufficient unit mappings approved to enrol in a full-time load (UG: min 9cp - max 12cp, PG: min 12cp - max 16cp) at your host university, including some backup approvals in case you cannot enrol in your preferred units

Please note: If you are unable to obtain appropriate academic approvals or do not have appropriate credit remaining in your degree program which can be completed on exchange, you may be withdrawn from the exchange program at this point.

STEP 5: Preparing to travel

Once you have received your letter of acceptance from the host university, you will need to:

  • apply for your visa
  • purchase your flight tickets
  • purchase travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your time outside Australia
  • register with Smartraveller and International SOS
  • submit your travel grant and insurance details form to Macquarie Abroad*
  • attend the compulsory pre-departure session
  • depart for your host university

* Eligible students will only have their travel grant paid after all details have been received. Please allow 6-8 weeks for payment.

STEP 6: While you're away

After arrival in your host country, you should:

  • meet your host university international office staff
  • enrol in your pre-approved units at your host institution and confirm your host unit enrolments with Macquarie Abroad so that your Macquarie enrolment can be processed (confirmation is done via an online form which will be sent to you towards the beginning of your exchange session)
  • update your Instagram or Twitter accounts during your travels and include #MyMQ in your post
  • complete your approved subjects at your host university
  • upon completion, ask the host university to send your transcript to mi.exchange@mq.edu.au

STEP 7: Upon your return

Once you return to Australia, you should:

  • ensure Macquarie Abroad has all the information required to convert your grades , this includes providing a copy of your official host university transcript within 6 months of your return - this means:
    • by 15 December for Session 1 and Winter Vacation exchange students, or
    • by 15 June for Session 2 and Vacation exchange students
  • join Macquarie Exchange Students Society (MACex)
  • attend the Scholars Connect event to share your experiences
  • help out at Macquarie Abroad stall during O-Week and Open Days

Drop-in and email Inquiries

  • For any inquiries, please email mi.exchange@mq.edu.au and we will attempt to respond to you within 5 business days.
  • The Exchange Enquiry Sessions will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM at the Macquarie International reception desk located on Ground Floor, 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave. (Students can drop in anytime during the period and no appointment needed).
  • Students can email the mi.exchange email address for an appointment outside the above hours.

Information Sessions

Student exchange information sessions are run in each semester. At these sessions, you will find out more about eligibility criteria, academic matters, regional information, costs and funding, application process and requirements, as well as what to expect once you are in the program. You could attend any of the below sessions:

Information Session Schedule: For semester exchange in Session 1 2020 and short term programs from Dec 2019-Feb 2020

Information Session Schedule


Tuesday, 04 June 2019


09WW 102 Theatrette


Various, see above

Welcome Session

Welcome sessions are designed for students who have already received an offer from Macquarie Abroad. It will cover

  • The Exchange Process
  • Host University Applications
  • Loans and Grants
  • Travel Matters

Welcome Session Schedule: Session 1 2019

You are welcome to attend either of the sessions below:

Welcome Session Schedule
Week 3Wednesday, 13 March 20194:00-6:00pmMUSE Conference Room D
Week 9Tuesday, 30th April 20194:00-6:00pm14SCO T5 Theatre

This session is for students who already received an offer for Session 2 2019 semester exchange and/or July 2019 short term exchange programs.

Separate sessions will be held for Short Term Language program students, the time and date will be updated on iLearn page once it's finalized.


Various, see above

Academic Credit Session

This session is for students approved to go on semester exchange in Session 2, 2019. Students going on January short-term programs may also attend, but credit for their programs is already pre-approved. The session is run by the Academic Programs team and will cover selecting and matching units, the credit approval process, and related deadlines.

Academic Credit Session Schedule: Session 1 2019

Most students should attend the first session. However, a second session is available for late acceptances to the exchange program. The sessions are held the week before the Main and Late Online Credit Request Rounds open:

Academic Credit Session Schedule
Week 4Thursday, 21 March 201912:00-1:00 PMRoom 180 (Level 1), 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave
Week 6Wednesday, 15 May 201912:00-1:00 PMRoom 335. 4 Western Road

Pre-departure session

There will be a Pre-departure session after Welcome Session for students who already received an offer from Macquarie Abroad. This session will cover:

  • Travel arrangement
  • Note for international students
  • Enrollment process
  • Program completion and credit transfer
  • Safety and culture shock
  • Support services and emergency contact details

Pre-departure session schedule: Session 1 2019

Time and Venue:

Pre-departure Session Schedule
Week 12

Wednesday 22 May 2019

4:00-6:00pm23WW Price Theatre

This session is for students who already received an offer for Session 2 2019 semester exchange and/or July 2019 short term exchange programs.

Separate sessions will be held for Short Term Language program students, the time and date will be updated on iLearn page once it's finalized.


23 Wally's Walk: P.G. Price Theatre

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