Mentoring and volunteering

Macquarie encourages a culture that’s supportive and that’s why we’re proud of the way our people step-up to help others. Our  mentors help new students settle in on campus and our faculties also offer a range of programs to help students grow academically.

Volunteering to mentor is actively encouraged because it involves you in programs that benefit the University and the community while adding to your experience and personal growth.

  • Macquarie University Peer Mentors

    This is a university-wide peer support program that provides support and guidance to our new students from senior students.

  • Mentoring in the Faculties

    We have faculty-specific mentoring programs that connect students with academic, peer and industry mentors to guide you through to employment.

  • Mentoring refugees: LEAP

    The LEAP – Macquarie Mentoring program is a unique mentoring program for high school students from refugee backgrounds.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Mentors Team on

Call: +61 (2) 9850 4386
Visit us: Level 3, MAZE, 18 Wally’s Walk (18WW)
Macquarie University NSW 2109

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