Sharing information about your disability

Deciding when, how, and if at all, to share information about your disability in a job application or interview is a personal decision. We've provided some tips on how you can go about sharing information about your disability.

Tips for sharing information

  • Consider how serious you are about applying for the job and whether you would be prepared to share information about your disability.
  • If your disability does not impact your ability to complete the application procedure or do the job, you may not need to share information about it.
  • If you are share information at an interview, demonstrate how your disability has enabled you to develop certain skills and attributes which may be of benefit to the role (eg resilience, initiative etc).
  • Be prepared to answer any follow-up questions your employer may have about your disability after you share information about it.
  • Be prepared to discuss any accommodations that may be necessary for you to do the job and how/where these can be provided.


  • Education to Employment: A great resource covering most aspects of transitioning into work while managing a disability/mental health condition. The site includes information on share information about disability, legal rights, and workplace adjustments. It is a collaboration between NDCO and Western Sydney Uni.
  • Writing and practising a disclosure script [DOC 51KB]: A 'disclosure script' is a brief summary of the information you would like to share about your disability. Having a 'script' and practising it with friends or relatives will help you to become more confident to share information about your disability to strangers or people that you may not know well. This worksheet can help you develop self-advocacy skills and confidence, by focusing on your strengths and demonstrating to a potential employer that your disability will not impact on your performance, once the adjustments that you need have been implemented.
  • Sharing information about your mental health video [YouTube video]: Macquarie University Career and Employment Service video with tips and advice on how to share information about your mental health.
  • Australian Network on Disability: General information on transitioning to work and information on their internship and mentoring programs for students with disabilities.
  • GradWISE: GradWISE is a graduate program, developed by WISE Employment in conjunction with Australian Universities. The program is designed to empower graduates and tertiary students living with a disability, mental, physical health condition or injury aspire, develop and thrive in graduate and entry level employment.
  • You can also make a complaint or seek advice from the Fairwork Ombudsman, Human Rights Commission or the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

For more information about the disability support services we provide at Macquarie, visit our disability support page.

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Contact Accessibility Services to discuss your individual situation, what else to consider when preparing for employment, and understand the support services available to you while at university.

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