Taking a break

Deferment at Macquarie University is an option for people who have received an undergraduate offer through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) but choose to postpone commencing their studies.

If you are a new student and have received an offer, you can defer your place at Macquarie for one year (this may be extendable to two years under certain circumstances; see below).

If the course you deferred is no longer being offered at the time you wish to commence, you will be offered a comparable course in its place.

If you are a current Macquarie student and want to take time off between years of study, refer to the Discontinue Your Current Program page.

Undergraduate Students

Deferment for one year

If you received an offer for undergraduate degree study at Macquarie for 2017 through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) you can defer your place for one year.

Deferment is NOT available for: 

  • Undergraduate degree offers via pathway/articulation such as Macquarie University International College (MUIC), Next Step, TAFE and the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT)
  • Undergraduate readmission through direct applications (submitted through eStudent)
  • Other course offers such as Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Diploma of Languages, Diploma of Speech and Communication, Cross Institutional Studies, Bachelor of Advanced Science Session 2, Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice, Bachelor of Education (ECE)(Birth-12yrs), Bachelor of Education (ECE)(Birth-12yrs) (Distance), 

Studies during deferred year

A condition of deferment is that you must not undertake any tertiary level studies during the year of deferment. Tertiary studies include Certificate IV and above, University studies or any other programs used by Macquarie for selection purposes. Should you choose to undertake tertiary studies you will need to re-apply through the UAC.

Extension to deferment

If you are eligible under the Government Youth Allowance(Independent Rate) workplace participation criteria you may extend your deferment an additional year (a total of two years’ deferment). This requires that you have worked full-time (at least 30 hours a week) for at least 18 months in the previous two years. We will require a signed letter from your employer/s as evidence of this and a letter from Centrelink confirming you are participating in Government Youth Allowance.

If you are required to attend National Service for your country, you may extend your deferment an additional year (a total of two years’ deferment). We will require an enlisting letter, a confirmation letter from your country's Defence Department or its equivalent as evidence of this.

Having difficulty deferring?

It may mean:

  • Your course is not available for deferral. Check the above section ‘Deferment is NOT available for’
  • You already deferred your course once
  • You accepted the offer and the offer status has been changed to ‘Admitted’ in eStudent. In this case, contact AskMQ or +61 2 9850 6410
  • Deferment

    If you have received an offer for a coursework degree study at Macquarie for 2017 you can defer your place at Macquarie for one year.

  • Deferment dates

    These deferment dates apply to domestic commencing students only. International students please contact Macquarie International.

  • Returning after exclusion

    Previously excluded Macquarie students may apply to return to studies where they have been excluded.

  • Returning after absence

    Previous students of Macquarie wishing to return to study may apply directly to the University, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

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