Sextember at Macquarie

Sextember is Macquarie's annual sex-positive festival that embraces and educates our community on safe, healthy and respectful relationships with themselves and others.

This Sextember we’re Embracing (YOU)us with:

  • On campus sexual health clinic – Get tested at the MQ Health GP Clinic. It’s quick, easy, and confidential.
  • Information about STIs, find out more from Family Planning
  • Sex and relationship education with NORMAL, our partners in pleasure and sexual wellness
  • Drag queen trivia at Ubar

And much more! See the full program and registration details below.

Sextember is a safe space to learn about all kinds of relationships, consent, and sexual health and wellness. It is open to all people even if you aren't practicing sex.

Sextember schedule

Tuesday 5 September

Wednesday 6 September

Thursday 7 September

11 am – 12:30 pm
Paint & Sip

11 am – 12 pm
Queer Collective Panel Discussion

11 am – 12 pm
Body Image: The impact on sexual health and relationships


12 – 1 pm: Zumba

1 – 2 pm
Sexual Wellness Workshop with Georgia Grace

1 – 2 pm
Legitimate Sexpectations with Katrina Marson

1 – 2 pm
Healthy Relationships by Consent Labs

2 – 3 pm
Erotic Writing Class with Georgia Grace

2 – 4 pm
Sexual Health Peer Education Workshop

5 – 7 pm
Opening Night – Embracing your Reflection art exhibition


5.30 – 7 pm
Drag Trivia at Ubar

Detailed program information

Paint and Sip

11am – 12:30pm, Ubar

Combine the fun and relaxation of a party with a step-by-step group painting experience as we celebrate Sextember! Come along with friends and let your creativity flow as you sip on your favourite beverage!

Sexual Wellness Workshop with NORMAL

1 – 2pm,  1CC 109 Groupwork

Join NORMAL's in-house sex coach, Georgia Grace, for the sex and relationship education you never got but always wanted. In a fun, safe, inclusive and open session, we'll cover the foundations of sex to support you in feeling comfortable, confident and equipped for a fulfilling sex life. Consider this sex ed 101, you'll have the opportunity to engage with new ideas, learn actually useful info, ask questions (anonymously if you wish!) and even win a few prizes from our friends and event partner NORMAL!

NORMAL is an Australian sexual wellness company reinventing the sex store and this sextember, they’re bringing you an experience that will get you in the best kind of mood. Sex should feel easy, fun and informative so join us as we tackle some of the most important topics around sex and relationships.

  • Areas of discussion:
    • Sexual confidence
    • Sexuality, identity and relationships
    • Anatomy, orgasm and pleasure
    • Navigating dating in different contexts
    • Sexual health
    • Consent and communication
  • Anonymous Q&A - have all you're questions answered!
  • Discount codes and prizes to be won!

Erotic Writing Class with Georgia Grace

2 – 3pm,  1CC 109 Groupwork

Learn how to write steamy romance novels!

Step aside Fabio, ‘cos your outdated ideas of what’s sexy are in the bin, and we are here to write our own tales of lust and pleasure.

Join sex & relationship practitioner and writer, Georgia Grace, in an immersive, creative, inspiring (and often hilarious) workshop that explores sex, sensuality and a deepening awareness of pleasure. You can expect to have fun and learn about the creative process of sex while flirting with your words and stories and develop fundamental writing skills by engaging your erotic mind.

  • Introduction: getting started as an erotic writer
  • You are supported to find your own path, overcome obstacles like fear, and start writing by putting pen to paper
  • Learn creative processes and how it applies to eroticism
  • Understand eroticism, sexual themes and desires

Love etc : LGBTQIA+ information panel

11am – 12pm,  1CC 115 Learning Space

They say that transitioning can be like a second puberty, and that may be true, except there's no birds and bees talk for moths and butterflies.

The Macquarie University Queer Collective will be asking experts questions you might wish you had the answer to.

The Queer Collective has assembled an amazing team of panelists to discuss all things from online dating to sexual health. Anyone who has questions about their mind, body, and identity is welcome to come by.

Legitimate Sexpectations with Katrina Marson

1 – 2pm, 1CC 115 Learning Space

Comprehensive relationships and sexuality education is more than just condoms on bananas and 'no means no'.

It is also a powerful protective factor in the prevention of sexual violence, and yet we have been failing young Australians for generations by refusing to guarantee them access to the education they need to safeguard their own, and each other's, sexual wellbeing. Many young Australians arrive at university with next to no sex-ed, leaving them at risk.

What responsibilities do universities have, to bridge this gap? What role can universities play in equipping their students and residents with the skills, knowledge and values to navigate this part of life?

Sexual Health Peer Education Workshop

2 – 4pm,  18WW 183 Training Room

This workshop aims to teach students key sexual health messages and improve your skills in talking about sexual health with other young people. As students, student leaders and peer educators, you will most likely come across situations where sexual health is brought up in conversations amongst friends/peers. This workshop will help give you confidence to have these conversations and equip you with knowledge on safe sexual health for your own wellbeing.

Body Image: The impact on sexual health and relationships

11am – 12pm,  1CC 105 Learning Space

Join Aleks Trkulja in exploring the definitions and influencing factors on body image. Find out how body image concerns develop and why through the exploration of the function of body image concerns. The workshop will also identify how these impacts affect our relationships and develop our understanding on the role of shame and anxiety as underlying emotions driving body image concerns.

Aleks (she/her) is a certified sex, relationships and body image therapist who runs The Pleasure Centre based in Eora/Sydney. She specialises in issues of mental health, sexual function, sexuality, body image, and relationships. Her therapeutic practice is based on intersectional feminist and queer theory frameworks. Aleks is a first generation Serbian-Australian cis woman, identifies as queer, and has a 5 year old labradoodle named Roger.

Sextember Free Zumba Dance Class

12 – 1pm,  Central Courtyard

Working out and feeling confident doesn't have to be a chore!  Feel sexy and have loads of fun with our free 1-hour Zumba dance class. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Healthy Relationships by Consent Labs

1 – 2pm,  1CC 105 Learning Space

Consent Labs is a collective of young people with a passion for providing engaging sessions that teach you how to navigate consent and relationships respectfully.

Come along to learn more about healthy relationships as the session will:

  • Empower students to recognise traits of both healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Explore consent-challenging tactics including gaslighting, love-bombing and coercion
  • Connect students with support services

Women’s Collective Opening Night – Embracing your Reflection art exhibition

5 – 7pm,  Macquarie University Library – Exhibition Space

Join the Women’s Collective on the opening night of Embracing your Reflection art exhibition. The exhibition showcases and celebrates the incredible talent of our community as the exhibition is inspired by the Sextember theme “embrace”.

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote sex positivity, self-expression, body positivity, and of course, self-love, through “embracing your reflection”.

Drag Trivia at Ubar

5.30 – 7pm  @ Ubar

Get your crew together and head to Ubar for a fun evening of Sextember themed trivia with Drag Queens, Carmen Geddit and Danni Issues! There will be exciting prizes on offer for those who get the most answers correct!

Find out more about sexual health and wellbeing at Macquarie University.