Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is the capability for individuals to fully participate in the online world.

This means having easy access to the resources and technology needed to interact whenever and however they need them. When individuals lack these resources, they are considered "digitally excluded."

Addressing the divide – ensuring all students can access and complete their education

In an increasingly digital world, everyone deserves the chance to participate. Digital inclusion is about ensuring all individuals have the resources and skills needed to access technology and the internet. This empowers them to improve aspects of their lives, from finding healthcare information to connecting with loved ones or even getting a job.

Computer Loan Scheme

Addressing and disrupting the negative impacts of digital exclusion is critical to ensure that all students can access and complete their education. Creating digital inclusion is also critical to the University’s endeavour to foster equity and inclusion to create an environment where all students can thrive.

Through the Computer Loan Scheme, eligible students can access a loaned device to ensure they have the tolls needed to excel in their studies.

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