Care MQ network

Care MQ network

Wellbeing concerns and support - CARE MQ network

The CARE MQ Network provides support to students. We provide resources and services, working with students so that they can succeed and thrive, at University and beyond.

For immediate help or medical attention, please contact:

  • On-campus: 9850 9999 – Campus Security
  • Off-campus: 000 – Emergency Services
  • 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67) – After hours support and assistance

When you contact the CARE MQ Network, you alert us that there are concerns about a student. We encourage you to contact us as soon as any wellbeing concern arises, as providing support early can significantly improve a student’s wellbeing and academic outcomes.

Anyone can contact us with concerns about a Macquarie student’s wellbeing.

To make contact with the CARE MQ Network, submit an online report or phone us directly on our 24/7 support line 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67).

When you contact the CARE MQ Network, our staff will coordinate a supportive, student-focused response.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss with staff what services and resources could benefit them and their goals.

Follow-up after reporting a concern

If you wish to follow-up on a CARE MQ contact, please email us directly at It is important that you let us know if you believe the student needs increased support. CARE MQ staff members may need to request additional information from you.

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