Skills development

Skills development

Academic skills development

At Macquarie, there are a number of services that can help you develop your academic literacy skills, and your numeracy skills. 

Numeracy centre

The Numeracy Centre offers a number of services including a free drop-in service, weekly workshops for some first-year courses, bridging programs and preparatory courses at the beginning of each semester and some on-line resources.

Learning Skills Unit 

The Learning Skills Unit (LSU) offers services and online resources designed to enhance academic skills development and performance. These include:

  • the StudyWISE online resource 
  • the Academic Integrity module for students
  • workshops for students on academic skills and assignment writing 
  • individual consultations, both face-to-face and online 


StudyWISE is the University’s academic literacies iLearn space. Students can find materials they need to solve specific assignment-related questions or build their reading, writing and other academic skills. Watch our video to show how StudyWISE can give students a boost just in time for an assessment or exam.

Structure and topics

The landing page is designed so that users can see all the topics, and select the pages they need. Resources are organised into five sections:

  1. Uni basics: Get ready to learn
  2. Key skills: Read, think, argue and write 
  3. Steps in the assignment process 
  4. Assignments and exams, including example assignments in different disciplines 
  5. English language resources 

Students can select some or all sections of StudyWISE to support them when needed. There is no need to work through the resources in order.

Access and enrolment

New students are automatically enrolled into StudyWISE, and will find it on their iLearn homepage under 'Student Support'.

If you cannot find it, you can self-enrol using your OneID and password.

The Academic Integrity Module 

The Academic Integrity Module for Students is an iLearn resource created by Learning Skills to help you learn about:

  • What ‘academic integrity’ is and why it's important
  • Acceptable and unacceptable academic behaviours at university
  • What plagiarism is and key strategies to avoid it
  • Your responsibilities in relation to academic integrity and your rights under the Macquarie University Academic Honesty Policy.

Once you enrol in the Academic Integrity Module for Students, you can access it from your iLearn course list under the category "Student Support".

Learning skills workshops

Learning Skills workshops are free and there's no need to register. All currently enrolled Macquarie students are welcome to attend.

Most workshops will suit coursework students at all levels. However, there are also workshops that offer more in-depth treatment of a topic. These are labelled as ‘advanced’. To see when our learning skills workshops are running, view the academic language and learning workshops calendar.

Support for HDR students 

HDR students will find targeted support at HDR workshops and learning support.

Individual consultations with a Learning Adviser

A learning adviser is available at the library information desk to answer your questions about academic writing and study strategies. It’s helpful to bring your assignment questions, unit guides and/or marked assignments with you. 

Info desk hours: Monday–Friday 12pm to 2pm
(Week 3 to Week 13 and during mid-session break)

Learning advisers can assist you with your assignments, or with general academic skill questions. You can bring along your assignment and ask for help on: 

  • what is expected of you (how to analyse the assignment question)
  • how to structure your assignment
  • how to cite and reference your sources 
  • whether your writing is clear and coherent

Learning advisers do not:

  • provide proofreading, editing or reviewing services of any kind
  • give students answers to their assignments or ‘fix up’ their assignments
  • explain subject content to students
  • help students with IELTS preparation. The IELTS Test Centre and the English Language Centre (MUELC) offer test preparation services, courses and resources to support students in test preparation
  • teach English. The English Language Centre offers English language courses for international students.

Contact a Learning Adviser online

You can also contact a Learning Adviser using the form below. Messages are checked during business hours, and you should receive a reply within one to two working days.If you are asking for advice or feedback on an assignment, be sure and upload the assignment instructions, or copy and paste them into your query.

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