A message of support

In recent days we have seen national and international events cause significant worry and distress to members of the Macquarie University community.

The result of the Voice referendum has left many people wondering how our nation will tackle long-standing inequalities in economic, social, education and health outcomes as well as how to achieve true reconciliation.

Over the last week, we have witnessed the recurrence of escalated hostilities and atrocities in the Middle East with senseless loss of life and devastation of communities. At the same time, the ongoing and entrenched conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to wreak havoc.

These matters all closely touch many members of our University community.

This is a time when I urge that we surround all individuals of the Macquarie family who are touched by current national and world events with our thoughtful support and concern. In doing so, I also urge that we continue to provide a safe, respectful, and secure environment for all members of the University.

I crave that we can each draw strength from being part of an organisation which respects the richness of cultures, histories, and religious beliefs of all in our community. In particular, at this time, I ask that we are especially attentive to those members of our community with ties to Israel and Palestine, and those with ties to Ukraine and Russia. I also ask that we support all First Nations members of our community as the results of the Voice referendum settle across the nation.

As national and world events play out, there will be a range of strongly held and divergent views on the various sides of the issues at hand. I urge that we express those views about what is happening in a respectful way, always thinking of how what we say or do might affect other members of the Macquarie University community.

As always, the University has support in place for students as well as policies designed to promote respectful interactions.

Wellbeing support for students

The University has multiple supports in place for students affected by current events. These have been summarised on our Student Crisis Support page.

Students can also connect with support from our Student Wellbeing Team by submitting an online CARE report or can contact the GP Service at MQ Health. Students located outside of Australia can find mental health support contacts listed on our Offshore Student Support web page.

Racist, discriminatory, or unwanted behaviour

Macquarie University is committed to maintaining an inclusive and safe campus environment for all staff and students. Unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment is not tolerated at Macquarie, as documented in the  Student Code of Conduct, and the Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy.

If you experience (or witness) racist, bullying or unwanted behaviour on campus, or on University-hosted digital platforms, you can seek support as outlined on our Inappropriate and unwanted behaviour web page.

I encourage members of our community to look after each other and reach out to any University services that might be helpful at this time.


S. Bruce Dowton MD
Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University