Special consideration

Special consideration

If you experience serious and unavoidable difficulties at exam time or when assessment tasks are due, you can consider applying for special consideration.

Special consideration is intended for students who are prevented by serious and unavoidable disruption from completing any unit requirements to their usual demonstrated performance level.

Five essential factors

You need to show that the circumstances:

  1. could not have reasonably been anticipated, avoided or guarded against you
  2. were beyond your control
  3. caused substantial disruption to your capacity for effective study and/or completion of required work
  4. substantially interfered with your otherwise satisfactory fulfilment of unit or program requirements
  5. lasted more than three days within a study period and/or prevented completion of a formal examination.

If you are considering a request for special consideration, you're strongly advised to seek advice from:

Campus Wellbeing and Support Services

T: 61 2 9850 7497

E: campuswellbeing@mq.edu.au

How to apply for special consideration

Applications must be made within five working days after the due date of the associated assessment task or examination. Lodge applications through AskMQ.

Click 'Special Consideration' on the SUBMIT menu on the left, fill in the required fields and attach your supporting evidence.

Supporting evidence can include:

You must provide the original supporting documentation so that it can be sighted by a staff member at the faculty student centre.

The specific details of any medical condition need not be included but any supporting evidence should refer to the severity of the situation and the impact of the circumstances.

For an application to be considered valid, you must have been performing satisfactorily in the unit prior to experiencing the disruption.

The outcome of an application should be made available within five working days.

Sample situations

I was sick in the week leading up to my exams and unable to study effectively.

You would need to provide medical evidence about the severity of the condition and its impact.

I get nervous around exam time but I don’t want to talk to a counsellor about this.

Pre-existing conditions are not grounds for special consideration. If you suffer from anxiety or any other ongoing condition, it's recommended you seek support from Campus Wellbeing and Support Services prior to stressful times such as exams or assessment due dates. Campus Wellbeing can assist through the Counselling Service or the Disability Service (which also helps students with ongoing health conditions).

I was sick with the flu/migraine/illness and unable to hand in my assignment on time.

If you can demonstrate an unavoidable disruption – i.e., circumstances that satisfy all the five essential factors listed above – you should consider lodging a special consideration application through AskMQ. If the disruption lasted less than three days, you should also notify the unit convenor to see if they can assist.

I attended my final exam but was sick at the same time.

To satisfy the criteria for special consideration you must have been prevented from successfully completing assessment tasks or the final exam. If you attend the exam, your condition may not satisfy this criterion. In any event, if you're sick during a final exam you must notify an exam invigilator immediately. If you don't, you may not have grounds for special consideration.

If special consideration is granted, what happens next?

Special consideration can be granted with no additional work being required, or some additional work which may be in the form of a supplementary exam. In the case of a formal examination, if you're unable to attend and are granted special consideration, then the ‘consideration’ is most likely to take the form of a supplementary exam. You must be available for this supplementary examination unless you experience another unavoidable disruption.

You should also be aware that going on holidays, returning home to a different state or country, or otherwise, will not qualify as an unavoidable disruption.

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact Campus Wellbeing and Support Services.

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