Special consideration

Special consideration

The University recognises that students may experience events or conditions that adversely affect their academic performance.

If you experience serious and unavoidable difficulties at exam time or when assessment tasks are due, you can consider applying for Special Consideration.

Five essential factors of Special Consideration

You need to show that the circumstances:

  1. were serious, unexpected and unavoidable
  2. were beyond your control
  3. caused substantial disruption to your academic work
  4. substantially interfered with your otherwise satisfactory fulfilment of the unit requirements
  5. lasted at least three consecutive days or a total of 5 days within the teaching period and prevented completion of an assessment task scheduled for a specific date.

How to apply for Special Consideration

Applications must be made within five working days of the assessment task due date. Lodge Special Consideration applications through AskMQ.

Click 'Special Consideration' on the SUBMIT menu on the left then fill in the required fields and attach your supporting evidence.

Supporting evidence can include:

  • original supporting documentation,  or
  • a medical certificate, or
  • a completed Professional Authority Form (PAF), or
  • appropriate documentary evidence for non-medical circumstances

The evidence must:

  • identify the circumstances
  • include dates and/or the length of the circumstances
  • explain the severity and impact of the circumstances
  • clearly describe how the circumstances have adversely affected your capacity for effective study to which an assessment relates
  • include the date(s) on which you were seen by the professional providing the evidence

Applications for Special Consideration may be refused if:

  • not submitted in the manner and timeframe required
  • you have not complied with all other mandatory requirements for successful completion of the unit
  • they are not supported by appropriate documentary evidence

Serious Circumstances

Supporting Evidence

Short-term illness

Medical Certificate


Professional Authority Form

Hardship or Trauma

Statutory Declaration


Medical Certificate


Professional Authority Form – stating how the student was affected


Official letter from relevant source/authority

Death or a relative/close friend

Statutory Declaration – stating the relationship to the student


Medical Certificate


Professional Authority Form - stating how the student was affected


Death Notice/Certificate

Unavoidable commitments

Wedding invitations accompanied by Statutory Declaration


Letter from religious leader/Elder


Letter from employer – stating why the student cannot be released from the unexpected work commitments


Letter from doctor/medical certificate


Letter confirming student’s attendance to Jury Duty/court date

Exacerbation of ongoing illness

Medical Certificate


Professional Authority Form – supporting exacerbation

Elite athlete or performer commitments

Official letter from the Macquarie Elite Athlete Program supporting increased training commitments/ competition

Army Reservists/SES commitments and Volunteer Firefighters

An official training notice from organiser explaining why attendance is required


Statutory Declaration

Special Consideration application outcome

The University will aim to let you know the outcome of your application via your student email address within 5 working days of receipt of the application and all necessary supporting evidence.

If special consideration is granted, what happens next?

If your Special Consideration application is accepted, you may be offered:

  • an additional assessment to assess your performance
  • a supplementary examination
  • an extension to a deadline for an assessment
  • an aggregated/average mark

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact your Faculty Student Administration Centre.

Ongoing/Long term circumstances

You may already be registered with Campus Wellbeing due to ongoing/long term circumstances such as

  • Chronic illness/disability
  • Carer status

If you have ongoing or long term circumstances and you are not registered with Campus Wellbeing you should contact them to seek support:

Location: 16 Wally’s Walk, Level 2

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  8.30am - 5.30pm (excluding public holidays)

Telephone: +61 (2) 9850 7497

Email: campuswellbeing@mq.edu.au

Exams and in-class tests

The University operates under a ‘Fit to Sit’ model, where, in sitting an examination or in-class test, you are declaring you are fit to do so. However, you may be taken ill during the assessment (in the case of an examination or test) or may not have been fit to make reasonable judgement on your fitness at the time. In these cases, you must advise the examination supervisor, who will record the case on the Examination Room Report Form in order for you to be able to apply for Special Consideration.

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