My study program

At Macquarie you’re in control of your study. There are some processes you’ll need to use and things you’ll want to do to manage your program. From making changes and sorting out issues, to adding new experiences both here and abroad – this is where you take control.

  • Making changes

    Changing courses includes course transfers, as well as changing majors/minors/specialisations and location of study.

  • Core experiences

    Our core People, Planet and PACE units provide unique and diverse learning experiences to help you get the most out of your Bachelor degree.

  • Travel while studying

    A short-term or full-semester exchange can enrich your university experience and allow you to travel the world.

  • Honours program

    Boost your career opportunities with a one-year research program. An honours degree usually involves one year of study.

  • Calculate your GPA

    The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a calculation that reflects the overall grade of a student. It is based on units completed at Macquarie University.

  • Special consideration

    If you experience serious and unavoidable difficulties at exam time or when assessment tasks are due, you can consider applying for special consideration.

  • Complaints and appeals

    An appeal must relate to a final decision of the University. You may not appeal until you have received formal notification of a decision.

  • Discontinuing study

    Students planning to suspend their studies for a session, a year or longer will need to withdraw from all units via eStudent.

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