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If a result is not returned, a request can be made to verify the degree with Macquarie.

Graduate register pre-2002

To search graduations between from 2002–present, visit Graduate Register.

This graduate register is for Macquarie alumni who have already graduated from Macquarie – if you require information about your future graduation ceremony, please contact the Graduations team.

You may search with any of the criteria below, however, when searching with Degree Type either a Last Name or First Name must also be included.

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If a result is not returned, please check that the details have been entered correctly. If there is still no result, email with the subject heading 'Degree Verification'.

In the body of your email please advise:

  • The graduate's date of birth
  • Details of any name changes, and
  • The name of the award you wish to have verified.

A signed consent form must also be attached. Most requests take approximately two business days to be processed. In instances where we need to access archive material, it may take a little longer.

The information in the database is updated regularly.

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