Instructions for reviewing HDR Applicant Portal and eForms

These instructions are for reviewing and approving HDR Applicant Portal and eForms.

HDR Applicant Portal

IT Login Help

IT Login Help [PDF 29KB] for staff that either need new accounts and/or having trouble logging into the AMIS production system.

Basic Operations

Basic Operations [PDF 3.03 MB] contains information on setup of Home page; navigation; searching; filtering; collapsing/uncollapsing of sections.

Main Processes

Main processes [PDF 1.5 MB] for assessing application contents (application recommendation for course) and reviewing requirements. Forward process within the faculty: Faculty Associate Deans (ADs); MRes Directors; RT Directors; Head of Departments (HoDs); Department Directors and Supervisors. Finalise process for the final Faculty / Department assessor to send back to GRA Central (pre-candidature team).

Scholarship List

Scholarship List provides details about the scholarships available in the HDR Applicant Portal, including name/formal name, reward code, reward type, and application open/close dates. This list is updated by the Graduate Research Academy.

HDR eForms