Support for research related activities

Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates have access to grants and funding at Macquarie University to cover expenses relating to the conduct of their HDR research or fieldwork.

There are two levels of funding available to HDR candidates:

  • The Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (offered for activities that add value to a research project)
  • Faculty administered funding (offered for other research-based expenses)

Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF)

The Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF) is a designated fund of up to $5000 per candidate for activities that add value to a research project, such as a trip for a conference presentation or visit to a laboratory.

Candidates can apply for funding once during their candidature, with the exception of those partaking in a joint PhD program, who may apply to the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Research for permission to make a second application.

The PGRF has two application rounds per year. Applicants should seek advice from their supervisors in preparing their application.

Details of application dates, periods and activities covered are in the PGRF Funding Rules [DOCX 49KB]. All planned travel must conform to Macquarie’s Travel Policy.

Note: In preparation of the application budget, PGRF applicants may attach indicative flight and accommodation quotes obtained online (ie, through airlines, airbnb, other accommodation sources). This exception is for the application form only. Flight and accommodation bookings must be made through Corporate Travel Management (Macquarie University’s travel management supplier) and should not be booked until after funds are approved.

Faculty funding

PhD and MPhil Candidates in the Faculty of Arts may apply for the following, in consultation with their Supervision Team and Department/School Research Training Director:

Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Student Essential Funding Scholarship

The Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Student Essential Funding Scholarship provides support for essential research expenses only for MRes Year 2 (max $1,000) and MPhil/PhD (max $5,000) candidates:

Candidates who enrolled in their graduate research program from 1 July 2022 will need to submit their Funding Application Form at the time of Confirmation of Candidature. Candidates who enrolled prior to 1 July 2022, and not yet had essential funds approved will need to complete a Funding Variation Form. Both Funding Application and Variation Forms must be accompanied by a FoA Graduate Research Budget Spreadsheet.

Faculty of Arts HDR Candidate Conference Travel Scheme (FACCTS)

Unfortunately, FACCTS funding for conference travel is not available in 2022 and 2023. Arts candidates are encouraged to apply for the PGRF to support conference travel costs.

Notes on Faculty of Arts Funding Schemes

  • Retrospective funding requests will not be approved.

All requests for travel funding must comply with the Macquarie University Travel Policy. All research-related travel is subject to any Covid-19 travel restrictions and approval processes that may be in place at the time of travel.

Funding is normally available for three years for PhD candidates and two years for MPhil candidates (or part-time equivalents). PhD requests for a fourth year of funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Activities supported by funding vary depending on the research, but often include:

  • Fieldwork expenses: travel, accommodation, food, vehicle hire
  • Fieldwork equipment: recording equipment/data loggers, transcribers
  • Other minor equipment: scanners, technical software
  • Laboratory consumables: chemicals, gases
  • Analysis costs: DNA sequencing, NMR
  • Conference registration fees

You should discuss your need for funding with your supervisor before each Annual Progress Report.

You will need to submit a budget [XLSX 50KB], making full justification for all funding requested, related to the aims and methods of your research [RTF 121KB].

Once you and your supervisor have agreed on a budget, the Head of Department must approve it.

If approved, the amount requested for the year will be transferred into an account, which any reimbursements of expenses incurred by you in carrying out your research will be drawn against.

You must comply with the financial policies and procedures of the University and your department.

You will need to provide your department's finance officers with an approval form signed by your supervisor (download). All travel requires submission of a fully completed travel pack (available from the faculty).

You will need to report on how the funding was spent and the outcomes at your Annual Progress Report. Further funding is conditional upon satisfactory research progress. Any changes to your budget must be indicated via a revised budget.

Domestic conferences

Candidates can now use departmental funding to pay for airfares, accommodation and incidentals for domestic conference presentations. In your budget, you can allocate up to $1,500 for attending a maximum of two domestic conferences where you will be presenting a paper or poster. Contact your department for information on applying.

External research grants

Opportunities may arise where you can obtain additional funding from external organisations. Consult with your supervisor for more information.

In the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, research funding is provided by your department. Each department's process is different, so contact your department manager/administrator for the funding application process.

For the Macquarie Medical School, contact your supervisor or Departmental HDR Director for the funding application process.

The School provides up to $10,000 for workshops, training, transcript services or colloquium and conference attendance.

For details of HDR funding provided by the School, refer to the MQBS HDR iLearn page (login required).