PACE units in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

PACE enables students and industry partners to collaborate in the spirit of discovery while tackling the big issues faced by society, both in Australia and globally.

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Through PACE, Macquarie University's Faculty of Science and Engineering engages with community and industry partners to make exciting discovering, enhance employability and prepare future STEM leaders.

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Students doing laboratory work

PACE includes research and lab-based internships, professional placements, and collaborative fieldwork. PACE in Science and Engineering makes it possible for:

  • students to enhance their employability
  • community and industry partners to nurture the next generation of innovators
  • students to pursue career aspirations while helping partner organisations and the community achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

PACE occurs through academic units that are integrated into the course curriculum and it is a requirement for all Macquarie University undergraduate courses.

See how PACE influenced Ben’s dream of exploring the world’s oceans.

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COVID-19 update

The PACE Team is working closely with its partners and PACE Unit Convenors to ensure that safe and mutually beneficial PACE experiences can continue. Arrangements for PACE vary by unit and type of activity and are adapting as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Your PACE Unit Convenor or Faculty PACE Team will keep in touch to provide updates on current arrangements. Please continue to direct any questions to your Faculty PACE team by email.

Finding a PACE activity

To learn whether it is necessary to find your own PACE activity, visit PACEWISE.

PACE activities can occur in many ways and settings. Considerations may include:

  • student and host supervisor availability and requirements
  • the nature of the work to be carried out
  • facilities and information involved
  • WHS and risk considerations.

PACE activities might include:

  • working on-site at a partner organisation
  • completion of activities online/remotely
  • a combination of on-site and online work
  • immersion in other settings, such as in the field in collaboration with a partner organisation.

Online activities could involve tasks such as:

  • contributing to online meetings and discussions
  • developing or updating resources (for students who might be hosted at the organisation in future, or serve a direct need of the organisation such as a lab guide, etc)
  • doing research (for instance, a literature review)
  • writing social media posts
  • creating videos or other interactive tools that can support the organisation and/or its stakeholders online
  • identifying opportunities for the development of resources in future
  • reporting writing and/or data analysis.

How to find your PACE activity

PACE activities are available to all undergraduate Macquarie students regardless of their personal circumstances. Students with disability or medical requirements should view the following video regarding reasonable adjustments.

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Reasonable adjustments

Students requiring special arrangements due to reasons other than disability or medical circumstances should discuss these with their PACE Unit Convenor or front-line PACE staff.

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FSE PACE units

The following resources will assist you in preparing for your PACE unit.

  1. PACEWISE helps you in the early stages of your course.
    • Identify what PACE unit to study
    • Know when to do the PACE unit.
    • Prepare for PACE unit processes and requirements.
  2. The Course Handbook helps you enrol in your PACE unit.
    • Confirm what PACE unit to complete
    • Understand the unit’s purpose and learning outcomes
    • Know when the unit is offered
    • Identify pre-requisites and co-requisites.
  3. Unit guides help you with academic expectations of your PACE unit.
    • Identify unit convenor contact details
    • Understand curriculum and assessments
    • Confirm key unit dates and policies.
  4. Unit summaries help you with operational requirements of your PACE unit.
    • Know by when and how information needs to be submitted
    • Have awareness of laws and policies
    • Confirm how a PACE activity will be found.

Find a list of links to specific unit summaries below:

Information for community and industry partners

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is committed to growing links with community and industry by building enduring, impactful collaborations with commercial, government, cultural and professional organisations. PACE is a key platform for building these links.

PACE partner story

Learn how local, regional and international partners work with Macquarie's PACE program and students.

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Contact us

For questions specific to the academic requirements of your PACE unit, contact the Unit Convenor.

For course advice, contact the Faculty of Science and Engineering Student Centre.

For all other enquiries specific to FSE PACE units, contact the Faculty of Science and Engineering PACE team by emailing them at or calling them at +61 (2) 9850 6842.

FSE PACE staff members

Anne Lousie Semple, Faculty Academic Director of PACE

Faculty Academic Director of PACE
Dr Anne-Louise Semple
T: +61 (2) 9850 8412

Angela Powell, Faculty Pace Officer

Faculty PACE Officer
Ms Angela Powell
T: +61 (2) 9850 8434

Marios Elles, Faculty PACE Officer

Faculty PACE Officer
Mr Marios Elles
T: +61 (2) 9850 6566