Requisites for changing your course

Find more information about whether you are eligible for an undergraduate course transfer below.

To be eligible to Course Transfer, you must meet the conditions of both Step 1 and Step 2, listed below:

Step 1: Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to Course Transfer, you must meet all three parts (A-C) of the eligibility criteria:

You must:

  • Be admitted into an undergraduate Bachelor Degree at North Ryde, including if you are currently on an approved Leave of Absence.
  • If you are an international sponsored student, you must receive permission from your sponsor to change your major or course before submitting your application. Contact your sponsor for approval before submitting this request. If you need further assistance, contact the Student Visa Team through AskMQ.
  • Not be a postgraduate student. If you are a postgraduate student visit the postgraduate course transfer page for more information.
  • Not be studying via Next Step or Non-Award
  • Not be studying via Open Universities Australia (OUA)
  • Not use the Course Transfer Process if you have completed and have been qualified for your current degree.

Part B – Enrolment status

You must:

  • Have recorded at least one pass or fail grade in your bachelor degree in the two years prior to applying for Course Transfer, ie for a Session 1 2022 course transfer you must have recorded a pass or fail grade in any session from Session 1 2020 onward.
  • Not have any enrolment for Winter Vacation, short-term Exchange (July) or Full Year units for a Session 2 transfer.
  • Not have any enrolment for short-term exchange (January) units for a Session 1 transfer.
  • Not be on exchange or have an incomplete exchange grade.
  • Not be in your final session of study at Macquarie University. This means that you must have studies remaining under your current degree when you apply to transfer.
  • Have studies to complete under your new degree. This means that you cannot transfer if you already meet all the requirements for your new degree.

You must:

  • Not be currently excluded from the University
  • Not have an Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion.
  • Seek academic advice prior to submitting a Course Transfer Request if you have an Academic Standing of Conditional Enrolment or Probation.

Step 2: Course transfer degree requirements

To course transfer you must meet degree entry requirements as listed in the Course transfer requirements table. Not all transfers are automatic so check the table carefully for requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, consider applying for a different degree or applying through UAC.

The table below lists criteria for 2021 and can be used as a guide only. Criteria applicable to applications for 2022 will be updated later this year, please check back then to confirm the criteria for your preferred course.

Check the course transfer requirements table

When applying for a double degree you must meet the entry criteria for any component of the course you are not admitted to. Not all double degree combinations are permitted, the combination you choose will be assessed for eligibility after you submit your application.

If the course you wish to transfer to is not listed in the Course Transfer Requirement Table, you can apply through UAC.

If you are requesting to transfer into the newest curriculum for the same degree that you are currently studying this is considered an automatic transfer if the degree title is exactly the same, provided you meet eligibility criteria as listed above in Step 1.

How to read the course transfer table


If you plan to use specified credit (RPL) to meet the Course Transfer degree requirements, RPL must be granted and applied to your study plan before you apply for Course Transfer. If your RPL has not been granted and you do not meet the transfer criteria, your application will be cancelled.

Not all requirements allow for RPL to be used toward entry. Check the requirement table carefully and submit an AskMQ enquiry if you are unsure.


Some internal degree transfer requirements will require that you successfully complete a certain overall WAM before being able to transfer.

The WAM to meet transfer requirements is generated from Macquarie units undertaken as part of the currently admitted degree only (ie credit from any previous degrees is not considered in the calculation of overall WAM), each degree you study will have its own WAM.

If you are currently studying in the session prior to your transfer, your application will be put on hold until results from that session are released so that your updated WAM can be assessed.

If you have transferred degrees previously, we will only be taking into account the WAM for your most recent degree.

Credit point totals

Some internal degree transfer requirements will require that you successfully complete a certain number of credit points before being able to transfer. Degrees which require a certain amount of credit points to be completed prior to transferring may not allow for unspecified credit or credit from external institutions to be counted towards this total. More information regarding this can be found under the Course Transfer Degree Requirements.

If you are currently studying in the session prior to your transfer, your application will be put on hold until results from that session are released so that your updated credit point total can be assessed.

From 2020, units will have a value of 10 credit points. Units completed prior to 2020 will also have the unit value changed from 3 credit points to 10.

Block Credit (2020 Credit on your transcript or BLKU2020 on your study plan) does not count towards the credit point requirements for an internal course transfer. You must meet the credit point requirement without this credit. For example, a student with 10 credit points of 2020 credit whose transcript lists 100 total credit points gained would only be considered to have obtained 90 credit points for the purpose of internal course transfer.