Changing your major, minor or specialisation

Check the steps you need to follow before and after the application process for a change of major, minor or specialisation at Macquarie.

Before applying

Course advice

If you are intending to make a change to your major, minor or specialisation it is recommended that to do this as early as possible in your studies so that you have enough space available in your study plan to facilitate this change. Due to a number of factors, any change that you make to your study plan may extend the time required to complete your degree.

It is strongly recommended that you discuss your intention to make any changes to your study plan with an Academic Adviser in your Faculty prior to submitting an application. An Academic Adviser will be able to assist if you are unsure about any aspect of your study plan including the major, minor, specialisation, and/or concentration requirements.

You may also consult the Course Handbook for specific course requirements.

You should seek support from your faculty prior to submitting an application to determine whether your requested change to your study plan will result in an extension to the duration of your course.

If your course duration is extended, this may impact your visa and you must seek advice from Student Advocacy and Support Services.

If you are an international sponsored student (ie a non-Australian government sponsor pays your tuition fees) you MUST get permission from your sponsor to make the change you are requesting before submitting your application.

If you need further assistance, contact Student Advocacy and Support Services.

If you have completed units in your Core Zone towards a minor and would like to complete a different minor, submit a request to either change or remove your minor. The completed units will be moved into your Flexible Zone, provided you have sufficient space remaining for these units.

Note that minors completed within a course’s Flexible Zone will not be displayed as a separate structure in eStudent. Any completed minor should be nominated on your Expect to Complete form.

This form:

  • informs the University that you expect to meet the requirements of your award
  • ensures your record will be checked once results are released, to see if you qualify to graduate
  • should be submitted at the beginning of your final year of study


  1. Refer to the Course Handbook requirements of your course. The handbook provides details on your admitted course, including any major, minor, specialisation, and/or concentration requirements.
  2. Seek support from an academic adviser. If you are new to Macquarie and have not completed any units you may skip if you do not require this support. If you are an international or sponsored student and your course duration may be extended due to this change, you must seek additional advice from Study Advocacy and Support prior to submitting an application as this may impact your Visa.
  3. Submit online change of major application. Upon submissions a confirmation email will be sent to your student email account.
  4. Application processed and the outcome sent to your student email address. Applications may take up to 10 working days. Check your student email as you may be contacted to provide more information.

Apply now

Important information

  • After submitting your application, a confirmation email will be sent to your student email address with your case reference number. If you don't receive this confirmation email, contact Student Connect.
  • If your currently admitted course does not have enough space to allow the requested change to be made, the request may not be processed.
  • Check your student email regularly as you may be contacted to provide more information about your requested change/s.
  • If you are enrolled in units under your current major or specialisation that will no longer contribute to your intended study plan, you may be asked to withdraw from these units before your application can be processed.
  • If you wish to cancel your application, add a File Note to your open Change of Major request via AskMQ. You can refer to your confirmation email for a link to your application.

Contact us

For questions regarding your degree requirements, contact your Academic Adviser.

For questions regarding the change of major process, contact Student Connect via one of the following methods:

  • Chat, found in the far-right corner of this page during business hours.
  • AskMQ
  • Phone on +61 (2) 9850 6410
  • In person at Level 2 MUSE, 18 Wally's Walk.

Student Connect