Learn about ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence tools (GAITs)

There is great value in this technology. But we also know that it might be tempting for some to use ChatGPT in an inappropriate way—for instance, claiming content generated by ChatGPT as your own in an assessment.

Unless your lecturer explicitly allows you to do so, do not use ChatGPT or other applications in this way. It is cheating.

Instead, tell us what you have learnt and what you understand. Build your knowledge authentically. Only then will you truly be able to benefit from the transformative effect that a Macquarie University education has to offer.

If you have any questions about the use of artificial intelligence tools in an assessment, chat to the teaching staff in your unit or read our ChatGPT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below.

Don't forget, you already have free access to all the tools and resources you could need to achieve personal and academic success in your studies.

A: ChatGPT and similar generative artificial intelligence tools (GAITs) are natural language processing tools that produce human-sounding text in many different forms. Although they 'speak' authoritatively, GAITs are unable to think, reason, experience emotions, or create new information.

Teaching staff will advise to whether it's acceptable—if at all—to use GAITs in an assessment task. You should never use GAITs to complete an assessment task without the explicit direction of the teaching staff in your unit.

Remember, permission to use GAITs in assessment tasks WILL vary between i) units, and ii) individual assessments.

A: If you're not permitted to use GAITs in an assessment task, it's because doing so will undermine your learning and our ability to assess your capabilities and provide you with personalised feedback.

A: We offer a wide range of free study and personal support services to help you succeed at university.

ChatGPT, AI and (You)us

An overview for Macquarie students.

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