Student groups

Student groups

Getting social at Macquarie University is simple!

Created and run by students, student groups are a great way to connect with people and make friends, network, test new ideas, experience other cultures and help people as you develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

MacSync is a space for Macquarie students to keep up with campus social events and join and create new student groups. It features a social calendar and a group directory to make it easier to find people with similar interests and passions.

The current clubs you can join on campus are:

180 Degrees Consulting

Accounting Students Association

Actuarial Students Society


Ancient History Association

Audiology Students Society

Chiropractic Students Association

Clinical Science Society

Congress of Chiropractic Students

Criminology Society

Business Society

Education Society


Engineering Society

Exchange Students Society

Macquarie University Geoscience Society

Law Society

Medical Society (Postgraduate)

Physics and Astronomy Society

Physiotherapy Society

Platonic Society

Psychology Society

Speech Hearing and Linguistics Society

Speed Team

United Nations Society

University Network for Investing and Trading

Women In Science and Engineering

African Students Association

Armenian Students' Association

Australia-China Youth Association

Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Dilwale Indian Society

French Society

Greek Association

Hong Kong Student Association

Indigenous Student Association

Indonesian Student Society (PPIA)

Japanese Association

Korean Students Association

Los Latinos

Malaysian Student Association

Nepalese Students Association

Overseas Vietnamese

Saudi Students Association

Sikh Students Association

Singapore Students Association

Sri Lankan Student Society

Taiwanese Student Association

Tamil Sangam

Turkish Society

Vietnamese Students Association

Adventist Students on Campus

Macquarie Atheist and Secular Society

Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Catholic Asian Students Society

Catholic Society

Christian Students Uniting

Christian Union

Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students (FOCUS)

Hillsong Campus

Muslim Students Association


Power to Change

Life Choice

Amnesty International

Vision Generation

Dance Academy

Debating Society

DRAMAC (Drama Society)

A Cappella Society

Musical Theatre Society

Music Society

Photography Society

Symphony Orchestra

Martial Arts Society

Animal Rights Society

Freedom Club

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Labor Club

Liberal Club

Anime MQ

Science Fiction and Fantasy Association

Chess Society

Community Garden Club

Disney Appreciation Society

Queer Collective

Vegetarian Association

Women's Collective

Undergraduate Mathematics Society

Women Entering Business

Effective Altruism

Bangladeshi Students Association

Lebanese Association


Biology and Environment Society

Filipino Society of Macquarie

Security Studies and Criminology Society

TEDx Macquarie University

Pakistanis At Macquarie

Sustainability Squad

Macquarie Association of Computing Students

Macquarie Public Health Society

Slavic Association

Marketing Student Association

MGSM Speaking and Debating


MGSM Connec+ions

Philanthropy Club

Medicine Society

Archaeology Society Of Macquarie University

Macquarie University Robotics Club

League of Legends

Harry Potter Society

Rural Health Club

Australian Wall Street at Macquarie University

Global Health Society

Myanmar Students Club

Pasifika Student Family

Thai Student Association

Disability Society

Sports clubs

Macquarie’s sports clubs allow you to become a MacWarrior! They are a great way to meet new friends, have fun and keep fit. Members of Macquarie Sport Clubs compete regularly in local, regional, state and national level competitions. Our sports teams include:

Macquarie University Dance Club

Macquarie University Cheerleading Club

Macquarie University Fencing Club

Macquarie University Cricket Club

Macquarie University Hockey Club

Macalpine Club

Macquarie University Quidditch Club

Macquarie University Rowing Club

Macquarie University Rugby League Club

Macquarie University Rugby Football Club

Macquarie University Soccer Club

Macquarie University Table Tennis Club

Macquarie University Waterpolo Club

Macquarie University Ultimate Frisbee Club

Macquarie University AFL Club

Macquarie University Volleyball Club

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