Fees and costs

All students studying a higher education program at Macquarie are required to pay something towards the cost of their course. How much you pay will depend upon what kind of place you hold.

If you are looking for fee information it is available on our public website:

  • Important information

    You need to be aware of situations that can have an effect on your fees and also understand how non-payment of fees can impact you.

  • How to pay

    The details of your student account are available in eStudent. You can check your fees through your eStudent account.

  • Payment due dates

    Ensure that you pay all course fees by the payment due date to avoid incurring a late payment fee.

  • Refunds

    To request a refund, you need to lodge a request in writing to Macquarie International.

  • Difficulties with payment

    If you are experiencing difficulties paying your fees you may wish to consider the various payment options available.

  • Paying your Session 1 2020 fees

    Make sure you pay your Session 1 fees by the due date Friday 21 February 2020.

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