Latest deals on campus

Come and enjoy various deals at Central Courtyard this exam period from 17 May to 27 June.


31 May – 26 June, all day

  • $2 coffee

Ubar cashiers and customers at Ubar

St Laurent Coffee

17 May – 27 June, all day

  • Small coffee and any jaffle $10
  • Small coffee and cold pressed juice $8
  • Cold pressed juice and filled bagel sandwich $11.50
  • Small coffee and any cake/pastry/protein ball (excluding cronuts) $6.50

Image of St Laurent Coffee outlet in Central Courtyard


7 June – 27 June, all day

  • Fruity mix pack for $25 includes: Lychee, Peach, Guava and Mango Green/Black Tea with pearls
  • Milky mix pack for $25 includes: Premium Pearl Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea with pearls, Chocolate Milk Tea with pearls and Taro Milk Tea with pearls

Image of Chatime outlet in Central Courtyard

Boost Juice

17 May – 26 June, all day

2x medium size Boost Juice for $12 - you can choose from the Tropical, Berry or Cheeky range, excluding other offers (including vibe card discounts).

Image of boost juice outlet in Central Courtyard

Monster Sushi & Bar

17 May – 26 June, all day

3x pieces of Takoyaki and Miso Soup FREE with any purchase over $10.

Image of monster sushi bar outlet in Central Courtyard

Iguana's Mexicana

25 May – 25 June, 9am to 11am, Monday to Friday

  • Smashed avo on toast and spring valley juice for $7.20
  • Breakfast burrito and spring valley juice for $13.20

25 May – 25 June, all day

  • Loaded fries (regular, choice of ground beef, vegan chilli con carne, tofu or chicken) and 375ml soft drink can for $9.90
  • Taco and any 375ml soft drink can for $4.90
  • Chicken ribs and chips for $5.90
  • California burrito combo deal for $13.50
  • 2 red bulls for $6.95

Quick tip: Remember to tell us the secret word 'Danny Trejo' to grab one of these offers!

image of Iguana's Mexicana at the Central Courtyard

Library Café

1 June - 27 June, all day
  • Free fresh fruit

an image of the Library Cafe