Global Leadership Program orientation

How do you make an impact in an ever-changing world full of complex issues?

Macquarie University’s multi-award-winning Global Leadership Program (GLP) provides the tools you need to stay up-to-date and become socially and culturally aware.

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Open to all Macquarie students, the GLP is a co-curricular program that can be undertaken alongside any course at Macquarie. There are no entry requirements and it is free for students to participate. Students who want to get more out of being a Macquarie student beyond simply their academic degree, are given an opportunity to undertake a rigorous co-curricular program of workshops, events and experiential learning, designed to build their awareness of global issues, cross-cultural competencies, leadership capability and sense of global citizenship.

Upon completion of the Program, students receive a transcript of all the workshops they attended, the experiential activities undertaken, a certificate of completion, and a letter of reference from the GLP. It is also noted on their MQ academic transcript, and their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Interested in learning more? Visit the GLP page to register for a Welcome Session to join the program!

Past Welcome Sessions


  • Thursday 18 March, 10am – 11.15am
  • Tuesday 16 February, 10am – 11.15am
  • Wednesday 24 February, 3pm – 4.15pm
  • Monday 1 March, 2pm – 3.15pm
  • Tuesday 9 March, 4pm – 5.15pm


  • Wednesday 17 March, 2pm – 3.15pm
  • Tuesday 23 February, 11am – 12.15pm
  • Thursday 4 March, 3pm – 4.15pm