Affordable, healthy food options

We have partnered with Foodbank and other sponsors to bring you essential food products for free or at heavily discounted prices.

After an overwhelmingly positive response from our students about the Brekky Bar initiative, the Food Hub idea was born. We brought the idea to students, and they gave it strong support. We are aiming to keep expanding this initiative and grow its possibilities.

The Food Hub provides a variety of fluctuating food options, including:

  • canned goods
  • grains and pasta
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • shelf-stable protein sources
  • pantry staples
  • anything else we can source from our lovely sponsors.

The Food Hub is currently available to Macquarie University students.

Using the Food Hub

Note: We cannot guarantee stock for everybody. Our stock is fluctuating and dependent on our sponsors and donors. Food Hub is currently being trialed and requires your input and patience.

To use the Food Hub:

  1. Register online. Completing this short form ensures you can collect groceries during your designated pick-up time.
  2. Bring your own bags and/or containers.
  3. Come to the Food Hub and pick up some food.
  4. Fill out our feedback form.