Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student spaces

We provide recreational and study spaces specifically for Indigenous students to enjoy at their leisure.

Computer lab

Walanga Muru's computer lab is located in Room 301, 6 First Walk. Our computer lab includes nine desktop computers with internet and printing access.

Common room and kitchen

Walanga Muru's common room is located in Room 304, 6 First Walk. The common room includes lounges, tables, chairs, lockers and a fridge.

We also have a kitchenette located in Room 313, 6 First Walk. The kitchenette includes tea, coffee and breakfast cereals for students to use.

Bubuk room, Library

The Bubuk room is a culturally safe learning space located on Level 1 of the library. The room is available for individual learning or group work with your peers and offers computers with internet service.

Access to student spaces

For access to student spaces, contact the Walanga Muru Student Engagement team via askwm@mq.edu.au.

Contact us

  • Walanga Muru
  • Macquarie University
  • Room 309, 6 First Walk NSW 2109
  • T: +61 (2) 9850 4209