The Student Success Network at Macquarie University includes a wide range of services and resources designed to help you settle in, develop your academic and professional skills and get the most out of your time at MQ.

Student Wellbeing (P: 02 9850 7497, E: wellbeing@mq.edu.au) is here to support you and help you succeed, both academically and personally.

As part of our commitment to improving your university experience, we have extended our health and wellbeing services to provide 24-hour information and referral services for all Macquarie University students.

Dialling 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67) makes it even easier to get helpful information when you really need it. It's free, anytime, any day.

  • Health, safety and emergency contacts

    Helpful contact numbers for immediate health, safety and/or personal concerns.

    Ph: 02 9850 9999 (Emergency Campus Security)
    Ph: 000 (Fire, Police, Ambulance)

  • Student advocacy

    We assist students by providing independent information regarding the University’s rules and procedures.

    E-mail: advocacy@mq.edu.au

  • Counselling services

    We provide a range of services to improve your wellbeing and help you reach your potential during and after your studies. Our services are provided in individual, group or online formats.

    Ph: 02 9850 7497
    E-mail: wellbeing@mq.edu.au

  • Accessibility services

    If you have a disability or an ongoing health condition, and as a result need additional support or accessibility provisions, you can register with Macquarie’s Accessibility Services.

    Ph: 02 9850 7497
    E-mail: wellbeing@mq.edu.au

  • Medical services

    The General Practice Clinic at MQ Health caters for a diverse population in all key areas of medicine.

    Ph: 02 9812 3944
    E-mail: general.practice@mqhealth.org.au

  • Welfare services

    Our Welfare Service can help you if you’re experiencing social or financial difficulties.

    Ph: 02 9850 7497
    E-mail: wellbeing@mq.edu.au

  • Religious services

    The chaplaincy service provides religious and spiritual resources through one-on-one sessions and small and large group activities.

    Ph: 02 9850 7645

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Macquarie University prides itself on being a vibrant, diverse and innovative university, committed to inclusion, equity and diversity in employment and education.

    E-mail: respect@mq.edu.au

  • Employability and career ready

    The Career and Employment service can help you succeed by preparing you for careers of the future.

    Ph: 02 9850 7372
    E-mail: careers@mq.edu.au

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