Light my way

Light my way

Want to get ahead of your peers?

Did you know that participation in a peer-led program can increase your marks by at least 10 points?!!

You are invited to participate in one such program called 'Light my way', a university coaching program.

Academic Success can be influenced by a student's ability to plan and respond to challenges along the way. The Light My Way program is aimed at enhancing an individual's ability to meet their current and future challenges by gaining a better understanding of self, others and University systems.

How does it work?

Participants will be partnered with an experienced student, who will assist you to navigate this bold new adventure – University!

The focus on your personal development sessions will be too:

  • Give you tips and tricks about all things Macquarie University,
  • Point you in the right direction for help when you need it,
  • Help to give you a sense of purpose,
  • Provide advice on how to balance demands,
  • Assist you to remain accountable,
  • Teach you skills around managing your time and
  • Help support you to maintain your wellbeing along the way.

You will meet with your coach or 'Beacon' as we like to call them, a few times within the session, and they will check in with you via phone and/or email along the way.

Please note, the Light My Way program has ended for 2018 and new registrations are not currently being accepted until recommencement of the program in 2019. The Registration and Consent form below is closed until further notice. 

Registration and Consent form

A staff member will be in contact to discuss the project and invite you to upcoming sessions and events.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Student Wellbeing on

T: 9850 7497 or

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