Multicultural Macquarie

Multicultural Macquarie

Macquarie is a vibrant multicultural community made up of staff and students from more than 100 countries, speaking over 50 languages. We celebrate this diversity of culture and language and are committed to making sure everyone has fair opportunity to participate.

Our aim is that all staff and students at Macquarie increase in 'cultural competence' - knowledge, awareness and understanding of cultures, and learn to value and celebrate difference and diversity.

The Equity and Diversity Unit reports on the progress of staff and students from diverse backgrounds in employment and education.  We have developed the University's Multicultural Program and Services Plan (in conjunction with the NSW Community Relations Commission) and work with staff and students on a range of initiatives and workshops throughout the year.

Since 2014 Macquarie has been formally supporting the Australian-wide 'Racism. It stops with me' campaign to demonstrate its commitment to anti-racism and building a culturally inclusive community.

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