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You are invited to register in the Disability Service so that you can access University services and support. Registration is the first step to help plan your support, followed by a disability assessment. 

While you can register with the Disability Service at any time during your studies, you are encouraged to register as soon as possible to allow adequate time for services to be implemented.

The Process
We want to get to know you. The registration process asks you to share information about yourself as well as your disability, health condition or injury, which can help us to learn more about how we can support studies. 

To register have your supporting documentation ready to upload before clicking the registration link.

  1. Campus Wellbeing Registration

  2. Health Practitioners Report

​If providing documentation other than the Health Practitioner's Report, this must:

  • describe your disability, injury and/or health condition

  • detail the impact of the disability, injury or health condition on your capacity to study

  • state whether the impact on your studies is temporary, permanent / unchanging, or likely to fluctuate over time

After you have registered, a member of the Disability Support Team will be in contact with you within 2 business days to confirm registration and to book your disability assessment.

A Disability Support Practitioner will conduct the disability assessment. Consultations can be over the phone or in person (face to face). 

If you have any questions, require further information or a copy of the Student Disability Support policy, procedure or schedules (including the Health Practitioners Report) in another accessible format, please contact Campus Wellbeing (; Ph: (02) 9850797).


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