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Student FAQ

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The new Microsoft365 (Update: 04/05/2020)

On April 21st 2020, Microsoft renamed the office suite from Office365 to Microsoft365.

If you have recently downloaded or upgraded your Office365, you would have seen the difference as below.

To upgrade your current Office365 to the new Microsoft365, just open up your Microsoft word, click on Account on the left-hand panel and then click Office Updates.

This will then upgrade your whole office suite. You do not need to upgrade each office application individually.


New Waiting Room and Passcode requirement (Update: 26/06/2020)

From 19th July 2020, Zoom will require all meetings to have either Passcode or Waiting Room enabled. For meetings that neither have the Passcode nor the Waiting Room enabled by 19th July 2020, Zoom will enable the Waiting Room on them. This will apply globally to all users on paid accounts and managed domains.

For more detail, please see

Zoom released Zoom 5.0 (Update: 01/06/2020)

The latest version today for Zoom is Version: 5.0.4. All Zoom clients on older versions (version below 5.0.0) will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform.

If you encounter an issue while upgrading, you will need to uninstall Zoom and reinstall it. It might also require you to restart your computer.

The new features and improvements include:

  • Resolved the issues where users needed to be authenticated and on the same account to view cloud recordings even if that setting is not turned on by admin or host.
  • Resolved an issue where a subset of meetings were deleted when an invitee with scheduling privilege declined the invitation in Windows Zoom client
  • Upgraded to AES 256-bit GCM encryption
  • Prevent private chatting with channel members outside of Zoom account or organization
  • Re-enable clickable links in meeting chat
  • Copied URL will not include password if the web setting Embed password in meeting link for one-click join is disabled
  • Enable the setting Blur snapshot on iOS task switcher
  • Report a user during a meeting
  • Additional feedback options at the end of a meeting
  • Enhancements to meeting end/leave flow
  • Show the connected data centre and select data centre regions when scheduling a meeting
  • Indication of an external user

For detail information please refer to the full Release Notes

Application Support

NVivo - The licence key doesn't work after I upgrade to the latest version

Macquarie University has purchased a site licence for NVivo software (version 11 and version 12) for Students and Staff to download.

NVivo just released the latest version in March 2020. It doesn't have the version number and with the grey icon.

The licence key that Macquarie purchased doesn't support the latest version.

For download links for Windows and Mac and the Licence Key information, please refer to Software download page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a compiled FAQ list which answers some of the more common questions.

Account Access

My One ID password is working for ilearn but not my student email.

You won’t be able to access your email if you’re using a temporary password that has been provided by us. Please go to and change your temporary password first.

If you’re not using a temporary password and are still unable to access your student email, you’ll need to reset your One ID password to allow the sync with your student email. To do this go to

I can’t login to ilearn or any system, it says my account is locked.

Your account gets locked when you try to login with the wrong password more than 5 times. Your account will be locked for 20 minutes, after the 20 minutes you should check your password.

To check if you’re using the correct password please go to and check your password under the ‘check your One ID’ section.

If it says your account is locked or your password is incorrect, you can reset your password and unlock your account by selecting ‘Forgot my password’ on the same page.

You’ll need to remember the answers to your security questions to do so, if you do not remember your questions or do not have any set up please give us a call on 9850 4357 between 8am and 8pm Mon to Fri or 10am to 6pm weekends.

Application Support

When trying to visit the Ask.MQ website, my web browser displays an error saying, "disallowed key characters".

The cause of this is cache and/or cookie files in the web browser that are somehow corrupt or out-of-date. You may either clear them in the browser's settings or try using another web browser.

How to clear your browser cache on:

When I open excel, I get this error “You can’t use this version of Excel with this version of macOS”

This is a known issue for Mac users who are currently using MacOS version 10.12 (Sierra) or earlier.

In order to fix this issue, you will need to update your MacOS to at least 10.13 (High Sierra) or later.

To find out which MacOS your Mac is using, follow this link.

To update your Operating system, follow this link and select install, this will start the update process and will install the latest version of macOS Catalina on your computer.

Office365 is fully supported on High Sierra and all versions after.

Check your MacOS version here

How can I enable analysis Toolpak for Excel?

In Order to enable analysis Toolpak please follow these steps:


In order to enable excel Add-ins on a Windows computer follow these steps:

  • Click File -> Options

  • In the options Screen Select Add-ins -> Go...
  • Then Select the plug ins you would like to enable and then select ‘Ok’.


In order to enable excel Add-ins on a Mac computer follow these steps:

  • Click Tools -> Excel Add-ins...

  • Then select what Add-ins you would like to enable and then select ‘Ok’.
I have recently moved how can I update my address in the system?

Current students can change their address and/or phone numbers in eStudent. Once you have logged in,

  1. Click ‘My Details’
  2. Then go to ‘Contact details’

On this page you can also change your personal email and your phone number.

If you have forgot your eStudent password, please call us on 9850 4357 between 8am and 8pm Mon to Fri or 10am to 6pm weekends.


I can’t view my lectures, Echo360 keeps asking for an email

Please try using a different browser to your normal one such as Chrome/Firefox and check that your browser is up to date. If you are using a Mac, you will need to update to the latest version of Mac OS Catalina which contains an updated version of Safari.

I have downloaded the Echo360 app. When I go into it, none of my courses are shown

Enabling the course in the app requires you to log into your unit on ilearn and click on the Echo 360 block on the right side of the page. You will need to do this just one time for each of your courses for them to be enabled.



How do I activate Office once installed?

To activate your Macquarie Office licence, you’ll need to sign in with your student email address the first time you open any MS office application after installing it.

  • Click on the "Sign in" button

buttonsign-in to word on mac

  • Enter your student email address and OneID password


When I try to log into Zoom it keeps saying ‘Incorrect email or password’ even though I know my email and password are correct.

In order to log into the Zoom, you must log in with SSO (Single Sign On). To do this please follow the steps below:

  • Open the Zoom Desktop Application
  • Once you open the application you should have two options 'Join a meeting' and 'Sign in', Select 'Sign In'
  • On the Sign in screen click on 'Sign in with SSO'
  • Then enter the domain 'macquarie'
  • Next it will open an internet browser window where you log in with your student OneID details.
  • Once you do this, it will open the Zoom window again and log you in.

I can’t join my Zoom tutorial! It says, “This meeting is for authorised attendees only”.

This often means the user has signed into Zoom using an account different to their Macquarie University account.

As a security measure, the University has enabled an optional setting for hosts, which only allows accounts on the MQ domain to join.

They need to sign out of the Zoom client and sign into their Macquarie University account via SSO, or

For more information and guides about Zoom, please visit:

We have also developed a Zoom Cheat Sheet to assist you with Zoom. You may also find more user guides from our Zoom website.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi at home

Macquarie recommends that you use Ethernet cable for a stable Internet connection especially when you take an online exam. If there is a network issue, you must contact your own ISP to resolve.

The following is a general guide to help you with troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues at home.

If you need further assistance with your computer issue, you may contact the IT Service Desk.


Please click here to download the Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide for Windows or Mac.

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