iGuide drop-ins are new in Session 2, 2019, brought to you through a SSAF initiative.

Who are the iGuides?

iGuides are Macquarie students who have had experience learning with the systems, software and apps that you have to use here at Macquarie. They’re ready to pass on tips and hacks they’ve learned along the way. And if they can’t help, they’ll point you to someone who can.

How can an iGuide help me?

Simply drop by an iGuide station on campus for a 15-minute consultation. An iGuide can help you with:

  • iLearn: find your way around your units
  • Leganto: find and log in to see your unit readings
  • Echo360: access and replay your lecture recordings
  • Turnitin: upload assignments, access originality reports
  • Macquarie OneNet: check your wi-fi settings
  • PCs and laptops on campus: find locations
  • iLab and Appstream: find the university software catalogue
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel): troubleshoot common issues such as document settings and spell check
  • Files and folders: download, save and name

If they don’t know the answer to your question, they'll connect you to the Macquarie University service that can help you.

What can't an iGuide help with?

An iGuide can’t help you with:

  • eStudent password resets (contact IT)
  • downloading software (contact IT)
  • using Adobe Creative Cloud (contact your unit convenor)
  • using advanced features of Multisearch and databases (contact Library)
  • referencing software (contact Library)
  • programming languages and data management software (contact the numeracy centre or your unit convenor)
  • statistical analysis software such as SPSS (contact the numeracy centre or your unit convenor)

Where and when can I speak to an iGuide?

For the rest of Session 2, 2019, you can drop in to speak to an iGuide at the places and times below:

Library InfoDesk
(Weeks 8-12)
12 - 6 pm12 - 6 pm12 - 6 pm12 - 6 pm12 - 3 pm
On campus
(Weeks 8-12)


12 - 2.30 pm


Please note that the iGuide program will not run during mid-session break.


Library InfoDesk: Level 2, 16 Macquarie Walk (16MW/ C3C)

Macquarie University International College Student Hub: Ground Floor, 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (8SCO, E3B building)

For directions, see Campus Maps.

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