Study Buddy Program

Study Buddy Program

We know studying in an online environment can be quite challenging so we've started MQ Study Buddies!

You've been telling us that you’re feeling isolated and disconnected so we’ve got a new way for you to connect with the MQ Study Buddies. Once you register for the program, we’ll match you with your peers studying the same/similar units  so you can connect and motivate each other as we head into the end of session.

Who is it for?

The Study Buddy program is open to all Macquarie students. We know that some of you are new to MQ and might not have had the chance to connect with other students in your units. Whether you need a bit of motivation yourself, want to help motivate your peers or just want to make a friend in your class, you should join the Study Buddies...and it's free!

What do I have to do?

  1. Register your interest and fill in your details here.
  2. We will match you with your study buddy based on your shared responses, and will send an email to introduce you and share some helpful resources.
  3. You and your Study Buddy start to chat, plan to connect regularly and you’re done!

Get your study buddy here

If you have any questions or would like more resources, you can check the information below or contact us at

When do I hear from my Study Buddy?

An initial communication from MQ staff introducing you to your Study Buddy will be made via your student email address, so keep an eye out! Depending on how popular the program is, it might take us up to one week to find you the right Study Buddy.

The platform you then use to communicate with your Study Buddy is up to you. A range of options are suggested on the sign-up form (and below in the FAQs) however, the final way you connect is up to you and your Study Buddy.


How does the Study Buddy Program benefit me?

Great question - in so many ways! The Study Buddy Program gives you a way to interact and engage with your peers, helping you feel more connected and will hopefully boost your morale. It will also help motivate you to study and stick to your study schedule because you’ll be accountable to another person – your Study Buddy. Research shows peer-to-peer study groups help you develop better study habits, which can help you achieve better academic results.

Is this a one-to-one program?

Yes, you'll have one study buddy per unit that you request a buddy for. You'll also have the option of joining a small study group (2-4 people) if you prefer.

Can I have more than one Study Buddy?

You sure can! Depending on the subjects you are studying, you may end up with more than one study buddy. This will largely depend on the number of students who sign up, and how many subjects everyone wants a buddy for.

What if you can't find me a Study Buddy?

We will try to place every student with someone doing the same subject however, this may not always be possible and will depend on the students that sign up. We will aim for every student to end up with at least one person doing the same subject but if this isn't possible, we'll match you up with someone doing a very similar subject or someone who's doing the same degree.

How can I communicate with my Study Buddy?

When you signed up, you would have selected your preferred communication methods. Where possible, we'll pair you up with others who share the same preferences. The initial introduction between Study Buddies will be made via your student email addresses and from there, you can choose what platform you use to communicate.

What platforms do you suggest we use for communication?

There are a range of options out there for you to use so we suggest using the one you are most comfortable with (and will remember to check on a regular basis!). Some suggestions include:

  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Text
  • WhatsApp
  • Phone calls
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

What if I don't hear back from my Study Buddy?

In an ideal world, everyone would contact each other and this would not be a problem however, this may not always be the case. It is up to students to self-manage their meet-ups so we cannot force anyone to respond and stick to their commitments. We will follow up with students to ensure they have been matched and are studying together but if you're experiencing issues or have any concerns about your Study Buddy, please email and we will work with you to resolve the problem.

What if I am nervous about talking to my Study Buddy for the first time?

That’s OK - its normal to be nervous when meeting new people. We’ve got some great resources to get you started below. We're always here to help so if you want someone to come and chat to your group, or give some tips on group study, don’t hesitate to contact us at

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable with my Study Buddy?

Your safety is our priority. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please email us at We'll take the appropriate steps to ensure you are placed with someone who you feel safe and comfortable with, so you can benefit from the service. We will remove any students from the Study Buddy program who are seen to be violating the Student Code of Conduct, MQ Academic Integrity, and Respect. Now. Always. policies.

I want to get better marks so can I be paired with a high-achieving student?

This program is voluntary for everyone involved and as part of the registration process, we don't ask about academic performance, just your motivation for joining the program. We don't discriminate based on academic grades and cannot allocate Study Buddies based on achievement.

Where can I find more information?

Hopefully, we've answered all your questions here and the resources listed below. If you still can’t find what you're looking for, please email us at


We've compiled a list of resources for you below to make the most out of your Study Buddy experience. Found something that works for you and your study buddy that we don't have here? Let us know at

In iLearn

  • Academic Integrity Module: how to be ethical, honest and responsible in your studies
  • Consent Matters: building healthy relationships and respect with others in the community
  • StudyWISE: skills for academic success brought to you by Learning Skills
  • Numeracy Centre: the place to get help with first year statistics, maths and LANTITE preparation.


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