Campus card

Campus card

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The Macquarie University campus card is your key to a range of resources, facilities and services on campus and is valid for the period of your enrolment.

It is your identification as a Macquarie student and carries your name, photograph and student number (which is your MQ OneID), along with a barcode for use at the Library and the Sport and Aquatic Centre.

It is accepted across the University and provides:

  • your University ID, the only official proof of identity for University purposes, eg. for entry to exams
  • access to campus facilities and buildings where swipe access is required
  • Library borrowing, printing and photocopying services
  • access to discounts (eg. for student concession at cinemas - you will need to show your card)
  • transport concession - if requested by railway transport officers, you will need to show your campus card in conjunction with your tertiary student concession Opal card.

These features will be active when you receive your card and you can use them straight away.

Macquarie is committed to maintaining the privacy of your student records and information therefore it is important that you are aware of the different processes involved with obtaining your campus card.

How do I get a campus card?

Firstly make sure your details, particularly your Australian address, are correct in eStudent before you proceed.

1. Upload your own photo and government issued ID via CaptureMe

You will need to log in to the CaptureMe website. Once you access the website, you will be required to enter your personal details (your name, student ID and email address). This information is then sent to the University's secure servers to verify your enrolment and once verified you will be allowed to use the CaptureMe system to upload your own photo.

Some tips for providing an acceptable photo:
  • As a guide, a recent passport style photo is what is required, the only difference is you can smile in your campus card photo
  • We need to see your face clearly, so the photo only needs to cover your head and neck
  • You should stand face on to the camera taking the photo - you don't need to show us your best side, or over-shoulder-red-carpet-look, or your holding-camera-higher-than-your-head-selfie-face
  • No filters or adjustments - you look great without them

The images you provide to Capture Me will be stored on the University's secure server, and will only be accessed, used and disclosed in accordance with the University's privacy compliance framework.

Some tips for providing acceptable government ID:

Your government ID will need to be:

  • in English or with English translation
  • Valid/Current
  • Government approved
Some reasons ID will be rejected are:
  • Expired ID Type: Please submit a valid form of ID - we are unable to accept out of date forms of identification
  • Incorrect ID Type: Please resubmit either a Passport, Driver License or Proof of Age card in English or with English translation
  • Low Resolution ID:  If we are unable to read the attached image - please resubmit your ID in a higher resolution
  • ID doesn't match:  If we are unable to verify the two submissions are the same person - please upload an alternative photo or ID.

2.  Next you will receive an email from CaptureMe advising the status of your request (eg. approved and card printed  OR  your photo was not acceptable in which case you will need to submit a new photo).

Photos may be declined if they are deemed to be :
  • too old and not a recent likeness of you
  • too filtered or edited
  • a photo taken and treated as a joke or other improper content

3.  Your card will then be posted to the Australian address you provided in eStudent, so make sure your details are correct.

Conditions of use

The following conditions apply to your campus card:

  • The card is non-transferable and must not be used by anyone other than the card holder.
  • The card is the property of Macquarie University and should be returned to the University at the end of your candidature.
  • You should carry your card at all times and present it when requested by University staff.
  • Sign your card immediately when you receive it.

Contact us

For all queries about your campus card, please contact:

Student Connect
18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE
Tel: +61 2 9850 6410

Replacement cards

The following options are for students - staff please visit Student Connect to organise a replacement card.

Pay Online

Using our online payment gateway, complete the campus card replacement request form to pay for your card. When requesting your replacement card you can choose from the following two options:

Collect on campus

Visit Student Connect, 18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE with your receipt and a form of photo ID (eg. driver licence, passport) to collect from the Campus Card Desk.

Have your campus card posted to you

You can order and pay for your replacement card online and choose to have it posted out to your nominated postal address. Your existing photo in the system will be used for this option. An extra $1.25 will be added to the replacement cost to cover postage.

Pay and collect in person

Pay and collect on campus

Visit Student Connect at 18 Wally's Walk  Level 2 MUSE, and using the tablet provided (or your own device), request and pay for a replacement campus card.

Note: You will need to bring your actual Visa/Mastercard to pay in person as phone tap or other such forms of payment are not possible on the device.

Once payment has been processed and a receipt issued, present this to the staff at the Campus Card Desk, along with a form of photo ID (eg. driver licence, passport) and your card will be printed.

Note: Once a replacement campus card has been issued, the previous lost/damaged card becomes invalid and unable to be used.

Types of replacement cards

Lost and stolen cards

Lost and stolen cards may incur a replacement fee of $15.

If your card is lost or stolen, inform the University as soon as possible. It is important we cancel any building access you may have as quickly as a priority. Once your card has been reported lost or stolen you will need to visit Student Connect to obtain a replacement.

In some circumstances there may be a fee for issuing a replacement card, as described below. We recommend you treat your card like your banking cards: keep it safe at all times and never give your campus card to anyone else.

Report lost cards to the library immediately. Until the library is notified, you will be liable for any items borrowed by unauthorised use of your lost card.

Damaged cards

Damaged cards incur a replacement fee of $15.

If your card is damaged and you require a replacement, visit Student Connect, 18 Wally's Walk, MUSE Level 2 during opening hours and bring your damaged card with you. Accidental damage can cause parts of the card to stop working. Similarly, damage such as punching a hole in a card to attach a lanyard can also shorten the life of the card or stop it working altogether. We recommend treating your card with care and keeping it in a safe place when not in use.

Updated photo

Requests to produce a new student card to enable an updated photo incur a replacement fee of $15.  Approval may need to be gained before a replacement card will be issued for an updated photo.

You can ensure a good photo on your campus card by:

  • Checking your appearance before you have the photo taken
  • Looking straight into the camera
  • Asking to see the photo before the card is printed.

Please remember that the photo is for ID purposes only - Student Connect staff will do the best they can with the camera/print resources available.

Change of name/details

Requests to produce a new student card to enable an updated photo may incur a replacement fee of $15.

Some changes of details are unavoidable (eg. a new surname after marriage). If you would like different details on your card, please discuss this with the staff Student Connect before your card is issued.

Faulty or inaccurate cards

Student Connect will replace campus cards at no charge if the card is deemed faulty/defective; or if the data on the card (ie. name or student ID) is incorrect at the time of issuing. Visit Student Connect during opening hours and bring your card with you to arrange a replacement.

Temporary exam card

A temporary exam card is only available during the final examination period after the last week of session.

You need to provide photo identification to enter an exam. This can be your MQ Student Card (Campus Card), Australian Driver Licence, Australian Proof of Age card or any Passport.

If you do not have your campus card with you for any reason on a day when you have an exam, Student Connect will issue a temporary exam pass valid for only one day. This temporary pass is free but will invalidate your campus card. You must replace your campus card for a fee of $15 before your next exam. Multiple temporary exam passes cannot be issued during the same exam period.

You can also use your passport or driver licence (both need to be in English language) as a valid form of identification for entry to exams.

Contact us

For all queries about your campus card, please contact:

Student Connect
18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE
Tel: +61 2 9850 6410

Using your campus card


You must produce your campus card in order to enter the exam venue to sit your exams. It is important you keep it safe at all times. (You may also want to see Temporary exam cards above.)


You will need your campus card to use many of the library facilities, including reserving and borrowing resources and accessing secured study spaces. The library uses the barcode on your card to identify you, and you will need your OneID to log into the University network to use the IT facilities.

Report lost cards to the library immediately. Until the library is notified, you will be liable for any items borrowed by unauthorised use of your lost card.

You can find more information about library services by visiting the library website.

Print and copy

Your campus card lets you pay for printing and photocopying services across the University as you use them. You can load funds onto your campus card at recharge stations in the Library; 17 Wally's Walk; and in MUSE Level 2, 18 Wally's Walk. Your charges are automatically deducted from your card balance when you use any of the University's printers or photocopiers.

You can also use iPrint, Macquarie's united approach to greener printing throughout our campus. Upload your documents from anywhere, print from anywhere connected to the internet and pickup from anywhere on campus. You can download iPrint software straight to your laptop or submit your document directly to iPrint. Find out more at:

Building access

Most students will not need access to secured areas on campus. Your department, faculty or unit will advise you if you need to activate your card for swipe access to any buildings or facilities. The Security Service administers all secure building access on campus. Cards feature a swipe facility enabling you to enter buildings you are authorised to access. You may only use your own card to enter any secured building.

To enable the swipe access function on your card, you should contact the administrator for the secured area. In most cases this will be the area's department, faculty or unit. They will authorise your request and instruct the Security Service to grant you access.

All cancelled cards will be automatically disabled. You should inform HelpDesk or Student Connect as soon as possible if your card is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorised entry to secured areas.

Building access will be automatically cancelled when your card expires or you leave the University.

Using your card to access buildings

Please tap your card against the reader (making good, flush contact) and hold it in place for three seconds.

For more information on building access, contact your Faculty Student Centre or the Security Service.

Identification and personal details

In order to provide the best possible service, it is important you keep your personal details up to date. You can update your details at any time using in eStudent.  All information provided for the use of obtaining your campus card will only be accessed, used and disclosed in accordance with the University's privacy compliance framework.

Updating your personal information

It is important that you keep your personal details up to date. You can update your details at any time using eStudent.

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