Week 1 to 6 guide

Week 1 to 6 guide

Step 3: The first six weeks - your roadmap to success

The first six weeks can be challenging for most students transitioning to university study. You might be doing self-directed study for the first time, or making the jump from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

Whatever your journey, we’ve developed some handy resources and gathered student tips and tricks to help you navigate your first weeks of study.

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    Week 1 - Ready, set, go!

    Classes are finally starting and its time to say hello and introduce yourself (alot!). Here's our top tips and resources to help you get off to a flying start.

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    Week 2 - Adjusting to uni life

    Check out our answers to the FAQs new students often have during the adjustment to uni life. Remember, we're always here to help you succeed.

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    Week 3 - Your study toolkit

    Find the tools, resources, systems and supports to help boost your confidence for any upcoming assessments. A good place to start is the Library!

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    Week 4 – Future ready

    It's never too early to start thinking about your future. Take some time to reflect on your career goals, explore opportunities and start preparing for your next steps.

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    Week 5 - Find your balance

    The excitement might be wearing off this week as work starts to pile up. Check out our resources on finding a balance and maintaining your health and wellbeing.

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    Week 6 – Time to reflect

    Spend some time this week reflecting on what you’ve learnt so far. Your journey might have just begun but you'll be part of the MQ community for life.

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