Study toolkit

Study toolkit

Your study toolkit

Prepare to succeed with your study toolkit. It'll help you manage and prioritise your time, learn effectively, and balance your study and life commitments.

Managing your time at uni

Managing a self-directed study schedule requires organisational skills. Give yourself an advantage by:

  • adding your class timetable to your phone or your planner/diary
  • scheduling independent study time each week - learning consistently and actively builds strong study habits. Don’t forget to reward yourself on a regular basis if you’re following the plan!
  • downloading your unit guide once it becomes available (usually a week before the session starts or in Week 1)
  • checking iLearn for up-to-date unit assessment details:
    • adding assessment due dates to your electronic calendar
    • setting yourself a reminder two weeks before each due date

Watch this video for practical tips on how to stay on top of your studies.

For more information on managing your time and studies effectively, visit StudyWISE by logging into iLearn.

How to study at uni

Achieve your academic goals by taking control of your studies. We’ve developed resources to:

The Learning Skills Unit works to enhance students’ academic writing and study skills. We strongly suggest that you check out the services they provide.

If you need help with your numeracy skills, please contact our Numeracy Centre.

Manage your wellbeing at uni

We believe personal wellbeing should be a priority for every member of our learning community. Wellbeing is more than just how you’re feeling at any particular time; it also involves your physical and mental health, which can be impacted by a range of different factors.

The MQ Wellbeing app includes self-guided podcasts, meditation sessions and other wellbeing updates – designed to help you achieve balance in your life. Download the app here.

If you need help or support at Macquarie, there’s always someone available for you to talk to. Contact a Wellbeing Advisor or call 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67) (available 24/7).

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