Student Wellbeing and other support services

It’s Week 5 and you’re well and truly in the thick of things.

It’s important to maintain a healthy study-work-life balance as the pace of the session intensifies.

You may be experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions. The free MQ Wellbeing app (available for iOS and Android) is designed to help you manage your stress levels and learn how to stay balanced.

But I'm finding study stressful...

Here’s a simple approach to managing stressful situations:

  • Identify one thing related to your studies that you’re finding stressful to manage. Write it down in the middle of a piece of paper.
  • Brainstorm positive actions you can take to overcome the impact of this stress. List them on the page.
  • Experiment with these actions by finding the strategies that work best for you.

You might also benefit from sharing your ideas with others. Talk to your support network – a friend or a family member, for example – or seek support from Student Wellbeing by submitting a Care MQ report. Need a bit of extra support? Wellbeing's WelfareStudent Advocacy or Accessibility Services can help you succeed at uni.

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