Welcome to your first week of classes!

Welcome to your first week of classes! You'll be introducing yourself, meeting lots of new people, and seeing friendly faces in both your online and on-campus classes. Strike up a conversation (when the class allows for it). Remember, you’ve already got something in common – you’re all studying a new degree at Macquarie University!

Before your first class, make sure you:

  • Log in to iLearn and located information for each of your units.
  • Check your student email. Forgotten how to set up your email? You can find the steps here.
  • Check your class timetable. If your classes are online, make sure you’re comfortable using Zoom. If your classes are on campus, check the room location by looking at the campus map.
  • Connect with a Macquarie University Peer Mentor for help and guidance from a current student who’s done this before.
  • Explore events and activities on offer in Week 1.
  • Read the latest updates on COVID-19.

Remember, it’s OK to ask questions! Student Connect can help answer most of the questions you have, and if they can’t, they’ll connect you to someone who can.

Good luck! You’ve got this!

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