Volume 1.1

Volume 1.1

Volume 1.1, December 2011



Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – Politics and the High Court’s constitutional review function
R Harvey, Macquarie Law School, Faculty of Arts

The effect of voltage on a conductivity gradient in a nanochannel and its application to protein trapping
H Jeong, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science

Synaesthesia and enhanced memory performance: A review of the literature
MI Linssen, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences

The identity of photography: Exploring realism and the nature of photography in photojournalism
S Lyons, Department of Media, Music and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Acoustic investigations of the syllabic -es plural in 2-year-olds’ speech: A preliminary investigation
KT Mealings, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Human Sciences

What you see is what you get? Early childhood educators’ perceptions of professional status
Z Mevawalla, Institute of Early Childhood, Faculty of Human Sciences


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