Studying at Macquarie - Terms and Conditions

Studying at Macquarie - Terms and Conditions

Macquarie University - Terms and Conditions

Please read the statements below carefully.

On completion of admission at Macquarie University, you are bound by the following Terms and Conditions. All students must comply with the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions for the duration of their studies at Macquarie University:

You must:

  1. conduct yourself in an honest, ethical and professional manner consistent with the values of the University's Ethics Framework;
  2. inform yourself and act in accordance with the by-laws, rules, policies and codes of conduct (including the Student Code of Conduct) of Macquarie University. The Codes of Conduct are binding on all students. The Codes of Conduct define misconduct at the University. Misconduct may give rise to disciplinary proceedings;
  3. pay fees according to the fees Rules and applicable policies; and
  4. keep your contact and next-of-kin details up to date.

You acknowledge and agree:

  1. that you have read and understood Macquarie University's privacy framework and that Macquarie University may collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the applicable privacy collection notices that form part of the privacy framework;
  2. that Macquarie University may use electronic communication methods to deliver information relevant to your studies, personal safety, and otherwise;
  3. to access all information and to read your University-assigned email address at least once a week;
  4. for the purpose of the SPAM Act 2003 (Cth) and any corresponding regulations, to the sending and receiving of electronic messages;
  5. that Macquarie University can publish information on any awards and prizes you have been awarded and, where appropriate, the results for your honours program of study;
  6. you are responsible for informing yourself of and complying with the requirements for your program of study;
  7. that if you enrol in units which are contrary to academic advice you are responsible for the consequences resulting from enrolment in those units including any fees and penalties for late enrolments and/or changing units that you are liable for should you incur them;
  8. that you have read and understood the Campus Card and Your Privacy statement; and the Transport for NSW Travel Concession and Your Privacy statement;
  9. that Macquarie University reserves the right to amend tuition and/or other fees, due to changes imposed under Australian Commonwealth or State legislation or regulation;
  10. that Macquarie University may at any time vary these Terms and Conditions.
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