Special approval

Special approval

The term ‘special approval’ may refer to:

  • waivers
  • Dean of Faculty approvals


If you do not meet the prerequisites or co-requisites for a unit, you can apply for a waiver.

A prerequisite is a unit that must be completed, or a requirement that must be satisfied, before you can enrol in a unit. A co-requisite is a unit that must be completed prior to, or at the same time as, a unit.

Waivers are used when a student's academic progression is held up by a technicality, changed pre-requisite or co-requisite for a unit. Departments in general do not approve waivers, as pre-requisites and co-requisites are deemed to be necessary for the successful completion of the unit.

Dean of Faculty approval

These are required for some special units, such as research projects.


Special approval is a privilege not a right. If an application is not approved there is no appeal process for waivers or Dean of Faculty approval. Students may appeal to the academic appeals committee if they are not allowed to enrol in a unit for the third (or subsequent) time.

Students considering appeal should be aware there is a closing date and make an appointment to discuss their situation with Campus Support and Wellbeing or consult our complaints and appeals page.

How to apply

Special approval applications are submitted online via AskMQ.


  • Log in using your OneID
  • Indicate the type of special approval you are seeking:
    • Prerequisite waiver
    • Dean of Faculty approval
  • Follow the prompts and fill out all the necessary information, including for which session you are applying and why you should be granted the special approval

To attach a supporting document, click ‘Add a reply’ and then ‘Browse’ to add the document.

You will receive an automated receipt email after submission to your Macquarie student email account.

A waiver is required for each unit for which you are seeking approval.

The processing time for these applications is 7-10 working days. Students can check the outcome of their requests on AskMQ, eStudent and student emails.

You can submit an online enquiry if you require further assistance.

Faculty of Business and Economics students

If you are applying for BUS880FOBE200, FOBE201, FOBE300 and/or FOBE310, there is a separate procedure for special approval, so please refer to the application process on AskMQ.

Any questions about the Special Approval process should be directed to BESS in the first instance.

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