S1 2020 Alternative Online Units

S1 2020 Alternative Online Units

  • If your personal circumstances require you to take an approved alternative online unit, you have until midnight on Sunday 29 March to add the unit.  The list of approved alternate online units is below.
  • Complete the late enrolment form.
  • You must promptly access your first three weeks of content via iLearn.
  • Updated unit information will be available in iLearn from Wednesday 25 March. This will include relevant details of revised assessments and due dates, modifications to comply with COVID-19 advice and restrictions, and delayed components.
  • To withdraw from any unit, you can do so without academic or financial penalty before the revised Census Date of Friday 3 April.
  • Login to eStudent to check your enrolment.  Your units must be correct and you don’t need to change attendance mode.
  • If you need advice about your enrolment, contact Student Connect via AskMQ or call +61 2 9850 6410.

Faculty of Arts: A - F

ABST1030Introduction to Indigenous Queer Studies
AHIS1220Introduction to Roman History: The Republic in Crisis
AHIS2160Coptic Egyptian B
AHIS3000Advanced Reading Unit in Ancient History
AHIS8230City of Constantine
ANTH1006Drugs Across Cultures
ANTH1051Human Evolution and Diversity
ARTS1000Humanities and the World
ARTS3500Arts Capstone
CHIN1010I Chinese Studies 1
CHIN1048H Chinese Studies I
CHIN1057Contemporary China
CHIN2010I Chinese Studies 3
CHIN3010I Chinese Studies 5
CHIN3031History of Chinese Art
CROA1008Croatian Culture and Civilisation
CROA1010I Croatian Studies 1
CROA1020I Croatian Studies 2
CROA2010I Croatian Studies 3
CROA3010I Croatian Studies 5
CROA3210C Croatian Studies 7
ECHE1200History and Philosophy of Early Childhood
ECHE2100Play-based Curriculum: Literacy and Numeracy
ECHE2180Child Development in the Preschool and Primary School Years
ECHE3150Leading and Managing as Early Childhood Teachers
ECHE4000Individual Educational Project
ECHE4200The Educational Leader
ECHE6000Early Childhood Philosophy and Pedagogy
ECHE6020Early Childhood Development
ECHE7540Minor Independent Investigation
ECHE8280Creativity and the Arts: Contemporary Perspectives
ECHE8330Child Development in Context
ECHE8340Organisation of Early Childhood Education
ECHP4250Professional Experience 6
EDST1000Exploring Australian Education: Social and Historical Contexts
EDST2100Language and Literacies
EDST8000Educational Research
EDST8040Scholarship in Educational Studies
EDST8120Curriculum Studies
EDST8310Leading the Learning of New Teachers
EDST8420Leadership for Learning
EDST8510Innovation and Change in Educational Organisations
EDST8990Master of Research - Educational Studies
EDUC1050Education: The Psychological Context
EDUC2640Education: The Policy Context
ENGL1021Creative Writing 1: An Introduction
ENGL2010The Human Story: Heart, Mind and Body in Early Literature
ENGL2031Writing: From Manuscript to the Digital Age
ENGL3030Popular Literature
ENGL8010Creative Writing Seminar I
ENGL8022Short Form Writing - short story, novella, poetry cycle
ENGL8026Manuscript Project (Half Year, Part A)
ENGL8030Digital Creative Writing & Publishing Projects
ENGL8075Literature and Writing in Professional Contexts
FOAR7002Research Frontiers
FREN1010I French Studies 1
FREN1210C French Studies 3
FREN2010I French Studies 3
FREN2050Reading in French
FREN3010I French Studies 5
FREN3210C French Studies 7

Faculty of Arts:  G - N

GEND1000Freedom Dreams: Foundations in Gender Studies
GEND3030Decolonising Identity
GEOP1010Introducing Human Geography
GEOP1020Introducing Environmental Humanities
GEOP1080Urban Planet: Cities and Planning in the Anthropocene
GEOP2020Geographies of Violence: Bodies, Spaces and Power
GEOP2030The Colonial Present
GEOP2040Geographies of Development
GEOP2050Environment and Society
GEOP3000Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene
GEOP3040Asia-Pacific Development
GEOP6050Environment and Society
GEOP8000Research Project in Geography and Planning
GEOP8050Attitudes to the Environment
GEOP8085Environmental Decision Making
GRMN1010I German Studies 1
GRMN1210C German Studies 3
GRMN2010I German Studies 3
GRMN2095Reading for Special Purposes 1
GRMN3210C German Studies 7
INTS2010Modern Chinese History
ITAL1010I Italian Studies 1
ITAL2010I Italian Studies 3
JPNS1010I Japanese Studies 1
JPNS1021Japan - Past and Present
JPNS1210C Japanese Studies 3
JPNS2010I Japanese Studies 3
JPNS2022Exploring Japanese Literature
JPNS3010I Japanese Studies 5
JPNS3210C Japanese Studies 7
LAWS2000International Law
LAWS3000Constitutional Law
LAWS5011Discrimination and the Law
LAWS5020Family Law
LAWS5029Information Technology Law
LAWS5040Environmental Planning Law
LAWS8026Anti-Discrimination Law
LAWS8030The Law of Obligations I - Contracts
LAWS8061Environmental Planning Law
MGRK1010I Modern Greek Studies 1
MGRK1021Modern Greek History and Culture
MGRK2010I Modern Greek Studies 3
MGRK3010I Modern Greek Studies 5
MGRK3210Modern Greek Studies 7
MHIS1015A Big History of the Universe to the Present
MHIS2003A Global History of Sport
MHIS2004Capitalism: From the Silk Roads to Amazon
MHIS2021The Age of Revolution: Europe from the Reign of Terror to the First World War
MHIS2040Land, Life and Liberty: Australia from Pre-Contact to Nationhood
MHIS2050ANZAC: Australians at War
MHIS3020The United States since 1945
MHIS3022Culture and Power in Renaissance Europe
MHIS3027Resisting the Nazis: Fascism and its Opponents
MHIS3075Shock and Awe: A History of the Postmodern World
MMCC2050Introduction to the Cinema
MMCC8037Digital Media Strategies
MMCC8097Interactive Media

Faculty of Arts: O - Z

PHIL1031The Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL1037Critical Thinking
PHIL2025Ethical Theory
PHIL2026The Moral Psychology of Good and Evil
PHIL2046Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2049Evolution, Mind and Culture
PHIL2056Knowledge and its Limits
PHIL2070Healthcare Ethics
PHIL3051Social Philosophy
PHIL3057Theories of Justice
PHIL3065Film and Philosophy
PHIL7000Research Topics in Philosophy I
PICT1010Introduction to Security Studies
PICT1011New Security Challenges
PICT1030Introduction to Criminology
PICT2010Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
PICT3012Intelligence Policy
PICT3013Strategies of Political Violence and Counter Terrorism
PICT3014Australian National Security
PICT8012Critical Thought and Research Design
PICT8014The Intelligence Community in Australia
PICT8043International Terrorism
PICT8048Applied Cyber Security
PICT8060Geopolitics and Geostrategy
PICT8080Cyber Conflict, Cyber Espionage and Cyber Terrorism
PICT8088Advanced Criminology Theory
PICT8921Australia's Strategic and Defence Policy
PICT8950Strategic Simulation
PICT8952Simulation in Criminology
PICT8953Simulation in Intelligence
PICT8954Simulation in Cyber Security
PICT8955Simulation in Counter Terrorism
PLSH2010I Polish Studies 3
PLSH2310A Polish Studies 7
PLSH3012Reading in Polish
POIR1010Australian Politics in Global Context
POIR2030Theories of World Politics
POIR2070Governance, Power and Public Policy
POIR3030Global Political Economy
POIR3040Creating New States
POIR3050Religion and Politics
POIR3890Australia and the Asia-Pacific Century
POIR8040Research Methods in International Relations
POIR8070International Relations Practice
POIR8080International Relations Research Project
POIR8090Advanced Introduction to Policy
POIR8320Europe and the World
POIR8410Understanding World Politics: Theoretical Approaches
POIR8570International Law and Global Governance
SLAS1010I Spanish Studies 1
SLAS1310A Spanish Studies 5
SLAS3010I Spanish Studies 5
SOCI1020Economy and Society
SOCI2000Methods of Social Research
SOCI2040I Shop, Therefore I Am: Global Consumer Society
SOCI3015Growing up in the Modern Age: Global Childhoods
SOCI3025Love, Sex and Friendship
SOCI3070Social Inequality
SOCI7000Critical Social Theory
SOCI8015Doing Social Survey Research
SOCI8075Policy Ideas in Focus: Framing Policy Problems
SPED8210Applied Behaviour Analysis for Special Educators
SPED8240Effective Instruction in Reading and Spelling
SPED8250Effective Instruction in Numeracy
SPED8260Positive Approaches to Behaviour Management
SPED8300Current Developments in Special Education
SPED8330Research into Practice in Special Education
SPED8912Independent Project in Sensory Disability
SPED8913Research in Sensory Disability
SPED8914Perspectives in Disability
SPED8922Educational Adjustments for Learners with Vision Impairment
SPED8926Introduction to Vision Impairment
SPED8931Introduction to Educational Audiology
SPED8933Language and Literacy Learning in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children
SPED8935Social Perspectives on Deafness and Deaf Education
SSCI1000Introduction to Social Science
SSCI2010Qualitative Inquiry in the Social Sciences
SSCI3010Evaluation and Applied Social Science

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

APPL6000 Language Teaching Methodologies
APPL6010 Planning and Programming in TESOL
APPL8020 Research Methods in Language Study
APPL8110 Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication
APPL8200 Linguistics and Language Teaching
APPL8230 Classroom, curriculum and context
APPL8250 Second Language Acquisition
APPL8290 Evaluating Language Classroom Practice
APPL8400 Language for Specific Purposes
HSYP8210 Professional Practice Capstone
LING3392 Discourse Analysis
LING7701 Modern Theories of Linguistics in the History of Human Sciences
LING8800 Accessible Communication
MEDI7000 Research Communications
MEDI7011 Research Frontiers in Medical Science 1
TRAN8065 Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting Theory and Practice
TRAN8070 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting
TRAN8074 Professional Practice in Translating and Interpreting
TRAN8083 Research Project in Translation and Interpreting Studies
TRAN8084 Advanced Consecutive Interpreting
TRAN8902 Approaches to Translation and Interpreting

Faculty of Science and Engineering

BIOL2610 Biological Data Analysis
COMP1750 Introduction to Business Information Systems
COMP8230 Mining Unstructured Data
ENVS2364 Introduction to Geographic Information Science
ENVS8308 Introduction to Geographic Information Science for Postgraduates
MATH1000 Introduction to Mathematical Modelling
MATH1015 Mathematical Modelling IA (Advanced)
MATH6904 Mathematical Modelling
MOLS8003 Application of Nuclear Science to Medicine
STAT1170 Introductory Statistics
STAT2372 Probability
STAT6110 Statistical Inference
STAT6170 Introductory Statistics
STAT7127 Survival Analysis
STAT8125 Statistics Project
STAT8127 Survival Analysis
STAT8178 Modern Computational Statistical Methods

Macquarie Business School

ACCG1000Accounting in Society
ACCG1001Accounting and Governance
ACCG2000Management Accounting
ACCG2024Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACCG2050Information Systems and Business Processes
ACCG2051Business and Corporations Law
ACCG3001Organisational Planning and Control
ACCG3008Corporate Accounting and Business Advisory
ACCG3040Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCG3050Financial Statement Analysis
ACCG6011Principles of Accounting
ACCG6014Business and Company Law
ACCG8022Information Systems in Business
ACCG8048Business and Professional Ethics
ACCG8077Forensic Accountants and the Courts
ACCG8121Managerial Accounting
ACCG8123Accounting Standards and Practice
ACCG8124Taxation Law
ACCG8125Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCG8126Corporate Accounting
ACCG8141Strategic Business Leader I
ACCG8142Strategic Business Reporting
ACCG8143Strategic Business Leader II
ACCG8144Advanced Financial Management
ACCG8145Advanced Audit and Assurance
ACCG8146Advanced Performance Management
ACCG8150Contemporary Accounting Practice
ACCG8309CPA - Australia Taxation - Advanced
AFIN2000Principles of Financial Literacy
BUSA8000Techniques in Business Analytics
ECON1020Principles of Economics 1
ECON2041Introductory Econometrics
ECON3009Industrial Organisation
ECON3034Financial Econometrics
ECON6033Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON6049Economic Analysis
ECON7017Ecological Economics
ECON8017Ecological Economics
ECON8047International Trade
ECON8091Economics for Actuaries
MGMT6051Work, Organisation and Management
MGMT8004International Business Strategy
MKTG6096Introduction to Marketing Management
MKTG8015Advanced Consumer Behaviour
MQBS7005Research Communications in Business and Economics
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