OUA student information

OUA student information

Studying OUA units at Macquarie can give you the work/life/study balance you've been looking for - quenching your thirst for knowledge whilst fitting in with your lifestyle.

But not all MQ processes are the same or applicable for OUA students, so below we've provided some OUA specific information we think you'll find useful.

Unit information

Enrolling and withdrawing from OUA units


If you are studying through OUA, whether it be in a Macquarie-OUA degree or single units, you enrol and withdraw from units via OUA on their website.

If you are having trouble enrolling or withdrawing from units, please contact the OUA Student Advisors for assistance.

OUA Close of Enrolment dates are different from Macquarie University dates - OUA closes earlier so make sure you check the dates on the OUA website.

A Confirmation of Enrolment email from Macquarie will be sent to the email you registered with OUA. The email will be sent up to two months before the upcoming study period and will include details of your Macquarie Student ID and how to access your units.


Students seeking to withdraw from units must do so by the relevant census date to avoid financial and academic penalties, or by the Last Date to Withdraw to avoid academic penalty only. Please see the Withdrawal without Penalty section for more information.

Prerequisite waivers

If you want to enrol in an OUA unit but are unable to because you haven’t met the prerequisites and if you can demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge to successfully complete the unit, you can submit a prerequisite waiver.

The OUA prerequisite waiver online application form can be found on the Special Approval webpage, under “OUA Pre-Requisite Waiver”. This application form is different to the Special Approval (Waiver) request form for students studying directly through Macquarie. Please make sure you don’t submit the wrong form!

Special consideration

You may experience serious and unavoidable difficulties that affect your academic performance when assessments are due or you have an exam. In these instances, consider applying for Special Consideration.

Supporting evidence is required with your request. For more information please read the Special Consideration webpage.

Withdrawal without penalty

If you have experienced serious and unavoidable disruption to your studies after the census date, you can apply for withdrawal without penalty

There are two parts to the process which are assessed independently:

  • withdrawal without academic penalty and
  • withdrawal without financial penalty

Withdrawal without academic penalty is assessed by Macquarie. You can refer to the withdrawing without penalty webpage for more information about how to apply.

Withdrawal without financial penalty depends on how your fees are paid.

If you paid your fees upfront to OUA or are a FEE-HELP student, your financial penalty is assessed by OUA. You will need to submit a special circumstances form directly through OUA. Please refer to the OUA Special Circumstances webpage for more information.

If you are in a Commonwealth Supported Place (HECS-HELP), submit a withdrawal without penalty form to Macquarie. Both the academic and financial penalty will be assessed by Macquarie. Please refer to the withdrawing without penalty webpage for more information.


From 2021, OUA exams will be run online. Please refer to your unit on iLearn for more information.

Degree information

Applying for a degree

You can apply directly through OUA to study an online Macquarie degree through OUA.

If you have completed OUA units and have met the articulation requirements, you can submit a direct online application to the university for an on-campus degree.

For more information, please visit here.

Degree requirements

If you started your degree from 2020 onwards, please refer to the Course Handbook to find your degree requirements. The curriculum year that you follow is determined by when you registered and commenced your OUA degree.

If you commenced your degree prior to 2020, please contact your relevant Faculty for course advice. They can advise you on your remaining requirements.

Please provide your OUA Statement of Attainment when seeking course advice. The OUA Statement of Attainment provides details of units completed with other OUA providers and this will help the Course Advisers provide more accurate advice. You can download a copy of the Statement of Attainment from your OUA Student Hub.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you are admitted into a Macquarie degree, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

You can apply for RPL on the basis of formal and informal learning. This includes units completed with other OUA providers, at other tertiary institutions, or any work experience that can demonstrate you’ve met the learning outcomes of a specific unit required for your degree.

If you are applying for specified credit for units completed with other OUA providers to count towards required units of your degree, you can apply for RPL. Otherwise, you do not need to apply for RPL if the units are to count towards your Flexible zone. We will apply this credit at the end of your degree.

Any credit you apply for is assessed against the Recognition of Prior Learning policy.

Completing your degree and graduating

At the beginning of your final year of study, you should submit an “I expect to complete” form via ask.mq.edu.au. You can nominate when you want to be assessed for completion of your award and also ensures that your results will be checked when results are released.

Submitting an “I expect to complete” form does not guarantee you will graduate . The university will not contact you If you do not meet course requirements. The form will only ensure your record is assessed for qualification.

If you are unsure if you have met the requirements of your degree, please contact your Faculty Course Adviser.

You will graduate like any other Macquarie student and if eligible to attend a graduation ceremony, an invitation will be sent to your Macquarie student email address approximately six weeks before your graduation ceremony.

Please refer to the Graduations and Ceremonies webpage for more information.


When do I receive my Macquarie Student ID and log in information?

Macquarie starts receiving the enrolments from OUA for the upcoming study period approximately two months before the study period commences. If students have already enrolled through OUA, the University will send a Confirmation of Enrolment email to the email you registered with OUA. The email will include your Macquarie Student ID and how to access your units.

Be sure to check your spam or junk mailbox as sometimes your email settings may filter the Confirmation email directly in there.

How many units can I study in a study period?

We know OUA advises a maximum of three units per study period and if you want to enrol in a fourth unit, you will need approval. However, if you are studying a Macquarie-OUA degree, you are able to enrol into a maximum of four units in Session 1 and 2 without approval. For Session 3, the maximum study load is two units as it is shorter and more intensive.

If you want to study more than four units, you will need credit overload approval.

I’ve enrolled through OUA; how do I access my unit?

You can access all your unit via iLearn. Log into iLearn with your Macquarie Student ID (also known as your One ID).

I haven’t received any login information, what do I do?

Please check you have enrolled via OUA on your OUA Student Hub. Once confirmed, please check your spam or junk mailbox as sometimes the email gets filtered to there. The Confirmation of Enrolment email is sent to the email you have registered with OUA.

The University normally starts sending out the Confirmation of Enrolment emails when enrolments are received from OUA, approximately two months before the upcoming study period. After that, we aim to send out the confirmation emails within the week of receiving the enrolment request from OUA.

If you still haven’t received your email, please contact Student Connect.

How do I submit a grade appeal?

You can apply for a grade appeal by following the steps provided on the Appeals webpage

I want to change my major, how do I do that?

You can use the Change of major, minor or specialisation form to add or change your qualifying major as well as add, change or remove any further major or minor.

Where to find help

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Student Connect team.

If you have questions about specific units, courses or would like some academic advice, our Faculty Student Centres will be able to assist.

Macquarie University offers a range of services to help support you both academically and personally. Please contact our Student Wellbeing team for more information.

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