Course Transfer - Postgraduate

Course Transfer - Postgraduate

Please note that for both domestic (local) and international students, there is NO direct internal transfer process between courses.

If you wish to change to another course you must make a new admissions application for that course, either direct to Macquarie University or online via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website.

For domestic students, please refer to our How to Apply and Enrol page for more information.
For international students, please refer to Macquarie International.

For University fees information across different Macquarie postgraduate courses please refer to our Fees and Costs page

Postgraduate coursework transfer from a double degree to either of the component single degrees

Please note that this process is only available to current, admitted, domestic postgraduate students, who have effective enrolment and at least one recorded result. International postgraduate students should contact Macquarie International.

  1. To request to change from your double degree to one of its component single degrees you will need to lodge an application direct to the University during the relevant admission period. For purposes of admission and enrolment, you will be considered a new student undertaking a new single degree and will be required to follow the current version of your new single degree. Closing dates are available on the Application Form.
Factors to consider:
  1. The Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is calculated for each degree. You will have two (2) WAMs - one calculated on units completed in your old degree and one calculated on units completed under the new degree.  Previously completed units credited towards your new course will not count towards the WAM for this new course.
  2. Any relevant units from your previous Macquarie studies will be automatically credited to your new degree during the admission/enrolment period. If you believe that any credit is missing, please advise student administration via Units that do not form part of the new degree may not be credited or count towards completion of the new degree. Please visit the Handbook for information on programs of study.
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