Concurrent unit studies

Concurrent unit studies

Concurrent unit studies are for students enrolled in a bachelor degree at Macquarie University and who would like to undertake unit(s) at another Australian university to count towards their Macquarie degree. To apply, you must be enrolled in at least one Macquarie unit during the year you wish to take concurrent studies.

Note: cross institutional study at Macquarie is different to concurrent studies. Cross institutional study refers to a student studying a bachelor degree at another institution who would like to study individual units at Macquarie.

Conditions of concurrent study

  • To be eligible for concurrent studies, you must be a Commonwealth supported student.
  • If you are an international student wishing to undertake concurrent studies, please submit an enquiry to assess your eligibility.
  • Unit(s) selected for concurrent study must form part of a bachelor degree course offered by an Australian university.
  • Credit will not be granted for:  
    • Individual TAFE units
    • Continuing education units
    • Units for postgraduate diplomas or degrees and some other courses
  • Students will need to check that their intended concurrent studies are eligible for credit at Macquarie before applying.
  • Upon successful completion of concurrent unit(s), credit is granted per the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy.
  • If you wish to receive specified credit for the unit you are undertaking through concurrent studies, you must complete Part A of the concurrent studies application form and receive advance academic approval for this unit.
  • You must be enrolled at Macquarie in the year in which you take concurrent studies.
  • Students who are currently on an Academic Standing of Suspension are not eligible for Concurrent Studies.
  • Credit will mainly be granted at 1000- or 2000-level. Credit Transfer for units at 3000-level or above will only be permitted up to a maximum of 6 credit points.
  • Capstone requirement for an undergraduate course cannot be completed concurrently. Capstone units must be completed at Macquarie University as per the Recognition of Prior Learning policy.
  • Units taken at another university do not count towards a full-time status and they do not contribute towards a grade point average at Macquarie.
  • Concurrent studies may only be undertaken at other institutions within Australia.
  • Macquarie Undergraduate degree students who wish to undertake Macquarie units through Open Universities Australia (OUA) must follow the same concurrent unit studies conditions and application process.
  • Students are responsible for contacting the other institution to confirm application dates, procedures and submitting documents. Macquarie University does not contact other institutions on students’ behalf.

Application process

  1. Contact the institution with whom you would like to undertake concurrent study to confirm application dates and their procedures to apply and enrol.
  2. Read the ‘Conditions of concurrent study’prior to applying.
  3. Receive pre-approval for credits in advance by filling out Part A of the application form (see point 7 in Conditions of Concurrent Study).
  4. Request a release letter for the other institution by filling out Part B of the application form.
  5. Submit both Parts A and B to Student Connect. Please keep a photocopy of Part A for your own records if you have sought pre-approval.
  6. Purchase an official Macquarie academic transcript if required by the other institution
  7. Enrol at Macquarie as usual.

After completion of Concurrent Studies unit

  1. Submit your official academic transcript from the other institution to Macquarie through Please ensure you attach a coversheet to your transcript when submitting.
  2. An email will be sent to your student email address notifying you once your credit (specified/unspecified) has been granted.
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