Honours program

Honours program

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


This is a four year course comprising a three-year undergraduate course and one year of honours. Only current Macquarie students in the final session of third-year studies in one of the below courses are eligible to apply for entry into the fourth year honours:

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) double degree

Details to the honours course can be found on the Psychology Department Community iLearn page.

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Students unsuccessful in gaining a place in the honours course can elect to graduate with either the Bachelor of Arts - Psychology or the Bachelor of Science - Psychology - dependent on meeting degree requirements.

Transferring from BA-Psychology/BSc-Psychology to B Psychology (Honours)

If you wish to do the honours year and you are currently admitted to the three-year degree in:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Psychology or
  • Bachelor of Science - Psychology

you must apply for internal course transfer into the four-year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) once you have completed the core 200 level Psychology units.

After you have transferred you will be eligible to apply for entry to the honours course once you are in your final session of third-year study. There is no requirement to submit a new transfer request when applying for the actual honours year if you have already transferred to the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

Students admitted to a double degree with the B Psychology (Hons) can interrupt their double degree to complete the honours year. However, you must meet the entry requirements for honours before applying.

If you do not fall into the above categories of students please contact donna.keeley@mq.edu.au to discuss your eligibility for honours.

How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2020.

Part time study

If you wish to study part time you will need to attach supplementary documents to your application for honours. This documentation will need to detail reasons to support part time study.

International students are not eligible for Part Time study and will need to complete honours at a full time load.

After you apply

Once applications have been processed you will be advised of the outcome of your request by email. You will then be advised to check your course enrolment in either PSYH4490 (full time) or PSYH4491/PSYH4492 (part time) on eStudent to make sure it is correct. Selection of elective units will be managed internally once accepted into the honours year. There is no self enrolment into required or elective units.

Correspondence from the University will be sent to your student email account only. Please check this account regularly.


Applications for deferral for 2020 are not open at this time. Earlier notification of deferrals would be appreciated. If you would like to defer your place, please submit a request to donna.keeley@mq.edu.au advising you would like to defer your 4th years honours application. This will be confirmed via email.

Internal applicants who receive offers to progress to the 4th year of their Psychology honours course may defer taking up their places for one year only.

Honours deferral request

If your request to defer is approved, you must submit a new application for the next year to secure your place. For example, if you plan to defer your place in 2020, you will need to submit a new application for honours in 2021.

Should you wish to withdraw once accepted, please advise Donna Keeley donna.keeley@mq.edu.au before Session 1 census date.

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