People and Planet

People and Planet

People and Planet units are a unique feature of Macquarie's undergraduate curriculum, enabling you to study outside your primary discipline and gain a well-rounded university experience.

These compulsory units are crucial in ensuring you achieve the breadth of understanding expected of today’s graduates. People and Planet units develop ethical and engaged global citizens with training in subjects as diverse as history, music, psychology, literature, education, chemistry, anthropology, law, psychology and much more.

A list of People units and Planet units can be found in the handbook.

Criteria for selection of People units and Planet units

Criterion 1. To satisfy the requirements a program of study (minimum sequence of required study which would enable a student to qualify for a single award) must include:

  • one unit taken from the schedule of People units and one unit taken from the schedule of Planet units, and
  • those units must be taken in two different faculties.

Criterion 2. In some cases, there may be inconsistencies between a People or Planet unit's admission criteria and what is stipulated in your study program. If so, defer to the unit's admission criteria instead of your study program.

Criterion 3. The following units may not be credited to satisfy the People unit or Planet unit requirements of an award:

  • units listed as part of the specific minimum requirements or foundation units for that award in the schedule of programs of study currently open for new admissions
  • units listed as part of the student's qualifying major for the award in the schedule of majors.

Criterion 4. A student may apply for credit for previous study to satisfy the requirements for a People or Planet unit. For more information, visit our recognition of prior learning page.

Criterion 5. Unless it contravenes criterion 2 in this schedule, the Academic Senate may deem a unit to be substantially the same in content to a specific People unit or Planet unit, and in that case that unit may be credited towards the People unit or Planet unit requirement in the program of study for which the student is admitted.

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