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Here at Macquarie, we're committed to helping you transform your learning experience with flexible online study provided in partnership with Open Universities Australia.

Current student information

For current OUA Macquarie students, forms and other important information are provided for your convenience via the 2016 MQ-OUA Student Guide (handbook) (PDF)

From 2017, Macquarie University has changed our offerings to better integrate them with our on campus offerings - so as to offer a better experience for our OUA students.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate units will now follow the Macquarie University academic year which has 3 Sessions:

Session 1 commences 27 Feb 2017

Session 2 commences 31 July 2017

Session 3 commences 4 Dec 2017

I need to choose my next OUA unit or my major See OUA unit descriptions for all OUA units offered by Macquarie University.
I need to download a form for my study See the Download Forms page for special circumstances, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), registrations and completions.
I need to apply for a grade appeal See the Grade Appeal information.

For enquiries about:

  • study materials
  • submission of assessments
  • extensions
  • results
  • grade appeals
  • transfer to HECS placement at Macquarie, and
  • applying for academic credit 

Speak to one of our helpful Macquarie support team, 02 9850 6410. Information is also provided via AskMQ.

Where can I find out information about key dates?

Open Universities Australia regularly publishes and updates key dates on their website.

What do I need to know about fees?

All fees can be deferred using FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP with the option to pay upfront or partially upfront. 

More detailed fee information is available, or contact OUA directly on 1300 736 706 for fee and payment details.

What textbooks will I need?

The co-op bookshop is centrally located on the Macquarie campus and will be able to assist with your textbook and study support materials. Visit and search for a unit to view all textbook information.

What kind of support can I expect to receive as an Macquarie OUA student?

Be part of the Macquarie student community with access to a range of support services. These services are available to help when required including:

What if I need assistance with online learning?

See our online learning pages for tips about how to set up your student email, access your online unit, and use the Library, as well as tips to help you study.

Special circumstances

If you have to withdraw from your unit after the final date for financial penalty (Monday, Week 4) or academic penalty (Sunday, Week 6), you may apply for special circumstances to have fees or fail grades overturned. Submit your application directly to OUA.

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